What are the taboos of Feng Shui decoration in the study

The most taboo of study decoration is contrary to the study and work habits of residents, because study is different from other places. In terms of Feng Shui, the impact of study on residence and residents is mainly psychological atmosphere. Before decorating the study, you should have a comprehensive understanding of your family’s reading habits, working habits and personal hobbies, especially the members who often use the study. A comfortable environment can make them happy and energetic, and improve their work and study step by step

the material selection of the study should not be too random. Natural materials such as wood or stone are better, because people will stay in the study for a long time and work mentally. Materials prone to pollution will emit a bad magnetic field, stimulate the master’s nerves and reduce the efficiency of study and work

in addition, the study should not be too gorgeous, which includes many aspects, such as the color should not be too bright, and the chandelier should not be luxurious. Gorgeous study is easy to disturb thinking and difficult to concentrate; Moreover, Feng Shui is simple and quiet, gorgeous and active, and the gorgeous study atmosphere is restless, which is unfavorable to study and work, and will affect health

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