Kitchen feng shui knowledge: introduction to stove orientation

Traditionally, the kitchen is a place where housewives cook and make three meals a day. One of the most important is ” Stove ” ; Good or bad, good or bad, one of the three important parts of a Yangzhai ” Stove ” ; That is, the so-called cooking utensils today are common gas ovens, rice cookers, ovens, microwave ovens and so on in modern families. The kitchen is nothing more than ” Fire ” ; And ” Water ” ; There are two dangerous five element forces, so there are many taboos in the kitchen where water and fire are frequently used in Feng Shui

home life with stove

as the source of daily diet, it is also the root of disease. According to the knowledge of the eight House mirror, we need to pay attention to the direction of good and bad luck. Now we list the data of the stove position suitable for the people of each fortune teller for your reference. The method of matching the stove with the stove can be based on the fortune teller of the main users of the stove:

Life ” mdash” mdash; To the north, to the East, to the southeast

Kun Ming ” mdash” mdash; Xiangkou should be northwest, West, northeast and southwest

shock life ” mdash” mdash; Xiangkou should be southeast, north, South and East

Xun Ming ” mdash” mdash; The mouth should be to the East, South, North and Southeast

dry life ” mdash” mdash; Xiangkou should be southwest, northeast, West and northwest

life exchange ” mdash” mdash; Xiangkou should be northeast, southwest, northwest and West

Gen life ” mdash” mdash; The mouth should be to the west, northwest, southwest and northeast

death ” mdash” mdash; The mouth should be north, Southeast, East and south

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