How to resolve the ceiling of the beam in the living room

Beam capping has been a taboo in Feng Shui since ancient times. The living room is the largest room in the family, and it is also the most prone to the top of the beam. The beam plays a very important role in the stability of the whole house. It should be able to stabilize the house transportation. How can it have an adverse impact on the house transportation? The crossbeam can naturally stabilize the house and transportation, but if it is pressed on people’s head, it is a fierce image in Feng Shui. Because the beam carries most of the strength of the house, the pressure is very strong. If people move under the beam for a long time, their spirit will be depressed and their physical condition will be worse and worse

in addition, with such a heavy aura on his head, he is top heavy and light, confused, and his work is not satisfactory. Virtually, the work pressure will increase, resulting in depression. Therefore, when choosing a house or designing a living room, you must pay attention to the location of the beam to facilitate your rational layout of Feng Shui in the living room

the top beam has a great impact on the health of the house. In fact, to a certain extent, the situation of beam capping can be avoided. There are beams in the house, which can not be eliminated at will, but the beams can be kept away from the top of people’s heads. Generally, there are several situations of beam jacking at home:

first, when the sofa is installed under the beam, sitting on the sofa is equivalent to the beam pressing on the head

Second, the bed (some bedrooms also have beams) is installed under the beams and is pressed by the Qi field in their sleep

Third, the tables and chairs are placed under the beam, which is essentially the same as the sofa. Although the furniture commonly used by these families can be placed outside the beam, people still have to walk under the beam occasionally. Therefore, it is best to have items such as cabinets or screens under the beam to avoid people walking under the beam; If the window is facing the beam, and the family often goes sightseeing and breathe in front of the window, it’s best to put the spirit animals of the town house or thorny plants on the windowsill to dissolve the evil spirit of the beam

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