How to see the pattern of kitchen Feng Shui Encyclopedia

Different patterns will form different Feng Shui, and different feng shui will have different effects on us. Therefore, the pattern of the kitchen is not only related to the feng shui of the kitchen, but also related to our luck. If you want to have a good kitchen Feng Shui, so as to have a good luck, you must naturally pay attention to the Feng Shui pattern of the kitchen and know how to observe the Feng Shui pattern of the kitchen, So as to make adjustments, so how to see the complete collection of Feng Shui in the kitchen pattern? Let’s see what the relevant articles say

I. orientation of the kitchen in the building

the orientation of the kitchen is generally from evil to good. The orientation of the evil can be selected in the West. The orientation of the kitchen can be determined according to the fate of the owner. For example, the owner is ” Yang Mingjin Xiangren ” ; The preferred orientation is due north, so the due north can be used as the auspicious orientation of the stove, which is conducive to the good magnetic field of Shengwang residence and bring good luck

Second, the placement of kitchenware

the most taboo of general kitchenware is the auspicious position placed in the home. After all, kitchenware includes knives. Their own knives are very unfavorable to people’s luck in the layout of the home. Placing in a vicious position will be conducive to the magnetic field of the kitchen. Of course, you can also hang a ” Seven Star Ping’an Town ” ; To restrain the evil spirit professionally, the influence of the props in the kitchen on the magnetic field can also be reduced

Third, the building kitchen should not rush the door

in Feng Shui, the feng shui of the door also pays attention to hiding wind and receiving gas. If the door rushes with the kitchen, it will vent the wealth of the kitchen, which will make it difficult for wealth to flow into the door, and people’s magnetic field is also vulnerable to adverse effects. The door itself is also a place for attracting money and receiving gas, and being rushed is also unfavorable to the magnetic field

IV. don’t lean against the window behind the stove

at present, the kitchen of many homes has the Feng Shui pattern of stove leaning against the window. This layout is very unlucky, which is easy to cause wealth leakage and is unfavorable to the improvement of the wealth of homes. If conditions permit, the stove can be moved to a position that is not close to the window. If conditions do not permit, frosted stickers can be pasted on the window or five emperors’ money can be hung, or green plants such as three color violets and Narcissus can be placed on the windowsill to purify the air and block the external evil spirit, killing two birds with one stone

v. orientation

the kitchen is a symbol of wealth, and must not be opposite to the door. The gate is the entrance of Qi and the place for family and friends to go in and out. The door is facing the kitchen, which will expose the wealth and lead to financial constraints. The kitchen can not face the toilet. The toilet is easy to nourish bacteria and dirt, which will affect the health of family members

VI. kitchen furnishings

1. The stove should not be directed towards the road or the direction of the door, which is easy to make the family quarrel

2. The stove should not be close to the sink or the refrigerator. The water vapor generated by the sink and the cold of the refrigerator conflict with the fire and gas of the gas stove. Water and fire are in their respective positions, so they can help each other. Otherwise, when water and fire intersect, it is easy to produce big waves

3. It is better to place the refrigerator and sink on one side of the stove. If there is a fire between two water, there will be disasters in the house

4. Kitchenware should not be placed in front of or under the window, because it will be like a sign that the family is helpless

VII. The stove mouth is bad for the toilet

as mentioned above, the fire mouth of the stove is to Kyrgyzstan. In short, it means that the stove absorbs prosperous gas and auspicious gas. If it absorbs unclean things, needless to say, everyone will understand the consequences. One will lose money and the other will increase the pain

VIII. The stove is prosperous and bad luck

the good or bad luck of the stove is always judged. Modern Feng Shui takes the fire mouth as the direction of the stove, and its criterion is to sit on the brake and turn to Wangji

sitting refers to the direction of the back of the stove and the direction of the fire mouth of the stove. In the geomantic omen of bazhai, there are eight directions, half fierce and half auspicious

after reading the above articles, do you have a better understanding of the pattern of Feng Shui in the kitchen? In fact, Feng Shui is very important to us. I don’t need to elaborate. As we all know, Feng Shui is related to our fortune and our health, especially the Feng Shui in the kitchen is so closely related to the health of our family. Naturally, we need to know more about Feng Shui in the kitchen

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