Feng shui knowledge of kitchen decoration

The kitchen is an important functional area in the home and an important place for cooking family food. Therefore, the feng shui of the kitchen is naturally closely related to our health and wealth. Among them, the feng shui of the kitchen will be more related to the bad luck of the hostess; So in Feng Shui, what is the complete knowledge of kitchen decoration Feng Shui? The following is the relevant articles compiled by Fstips. Let’s have a look

kitchen decoration feng shui knowledge

Introduction to kitchen decoration feng shui knowledge

I. kitchen position orientation:

first, kitchen decoration Feng Shui, the position should be selected. According to the theory that the five elements generate and conquer each other, the East belongs to wood and the South belongs to fire. Therefore, the stove should be oriented towards the south, and the direction of fire is better. In fact, the stove facing east or south is very consistent with the orientation of the five elements. Because the fuel used for cooking in ancient times was nothing more than wild grass and firewood branches, when cooking, the stove mouth facing east can match the wind direction and make a fire easily. It should also be noted that the stove should sit and turn to Ji. Located in the auspicious side, Feng Shui is good, and located in the declining side, the healthy diet at home is affected, and the possibility of harmful diseases will also lead to restlessness in the house

Second, taboo open kitchen:

when we consider kitchen decoration Feng Shui, we should do a good job in the layout, and the built-in decoration should not be careless. Now many people like to make open kitchen. Although this design is beautiful, it is not suitable for Chinese cooking. Chinese cooking fume is large, and the open kitchen pays attention to the smell of smoke. The fume is disorderly strung in the house, and the turbid gas floats everywhere, affecting the Feng Shui gas field

Third, the stove is not the right sink:

the kitchen is a place where water and fire are often needed. In China’s book of changes, there was the so-called “water and fire are both economic”, which means that water and fire are necessary for diet. With the conditioning of fire and water, we can achieve the purpose of harmonizing Yin and Yang. Therefore, to achieve the harmony of yin and Yang, we can have a smooth family movement and a peaceful population. Because the stove belongs to fire, it is most forbidden to be shot by the water tap, so we should pay attention to the feng shui of kitchen decoration when decorating, and remember that the stove should not touch the sink. Otherwise, it is easy for the family to catch dysentery and gastrointestinal diseases

IV. the kitchen should not lack corners:

the kitchen has a small space, so much attention should be paid to its construction. Compared with other parts of the house, there will be a large amount of water flow in the process of using the kitchen, and water is a symbol of wealth and wealth. Therefore, it has certain ” Congenital deficiency ” ; Defects in. Therefore, it needs to work hard on Feng Shui. The first requirement for the kitchen is the pattern. It can be small, but the pattern should be square and upright. Those lacking corners and convex corners should not be used as kitchens

v. don’t expose the kitchen utensils:

pay attention to the zoning of Feng Shui in the kitchen decoration, and the cleanliness is better. Because the kitchen is small and needs to accommodate pots and bowls, the location is often crowded, so we must do a good job in storing food after cooking. The moving line of the kitchen is poor, and the long-term space compression will make people nervous and anxious. Some seasoning agents and bottles and cans should be stored well, not all of them should be placed on the console. Some residents will put the knife rest on the wall for convenience. Although this is convenient, it lacks the taboo of collision. The knife is sharp and should not leak out. First, persecute Feng Shui, and second, if there are children at home, it will be a potential safety hazard

VI. the kitchen is not the toilet:

the kitchen belongs to fire, which can not be opposite between the bathroom and the bedroom. The toilet belongs to water, two are relative, water and fire are not allowed, and the house is restless. The bedroom needs to be quiet and pleasant. Cooking will produce a lot of oil smoke. For example, the oil smoke is relatively strong, which is easy to make the residents dizzy and grumpy. Can lead to poor sleep quality. Therefore, such a layout should also be avoided

VII. The floor is not higher than the living room:

the floor of the kitchen cannot be higher than the living room, which is also what Feng Shui needs to pay attention to in kitchen decoration. The floor of the kitchen must be one grid lower, which can prevent sewage backflow on the one hand. Secondly, due to the difference between primary and secondary, the kitchen should not be above the hall and room. Again, from the kitchen into the hall to serve food, should rise step by step, on the contrary, there is the risk of returning money. Therefore, if you want to have a healthy diet and prosperous Feng Shui, you must design it when decorating. Pay attention to the height of the ground

VIII. The kitchen is not in the center of the house:

cannot be in the center of the whole room. According to Feng Shui, the center of the house is ” Acupoint Eye ” ; It’s a auspicious place. It’s the core of the whole house. Anger spreads slowly from here to the whole room. Therefore, it must be quiet and peaceful here. It’s not suitable for something to oppress or induce the air here. The kitchen belongs to fire and produces turbid air. It’s best to start around the room with windows to ensure air circulation

six knowledge of Feng Shui in kitchen decoration

I. kitchen pattern

from the perspective of Feng Shui, the requirements of the living room need to be correct. Whether it is the living room, bedroom or kitchen, first of all, the pattern should be correct without protruding or missing corners. It is better to have regular shape (such as rectangle and square)

II. Location of kitchen

the restaurant should be located between the living room and the kitchen, in the center of the house. Such a layout can enhance the harmony between parents and children. The restaurant should not be located directly below the toilet on the upper floor, because the good luck of the restaurant will be suppressed

III. sharp corners and beams and columns

sharp corners and beams and columns are called ” Poison arrow, It will radiate evil Qi. Furniture and bonsai should be used to dissolve the corner of the house. At the same time, it is necessary to avoid sitting under the beam. If it is unavoidable, elevation lamps can be installed to direct the beam of the house

IV. harmony of yin and Yang in kitchen Feng Shui

the restaurant is arranged into a space with Yin and Yang balanced but slightly partial to Yang. In order to increase Yang Qi, items belonging to Yin, such as ancestral portraits or antique furniture, had better not be placed in the restaurant. Too much Yin Qi is harmful to family luck. On the other hand, excessive Yang will cause family disharmony

v. the evil position in the kitchen

the evil position is the place where the evil spirit gathers. Therefore, the evil position in the kitchen must be cracked. Vigorous plants can be placed on the evil position, so that the vigorous vitality of plants will reconcile the evil spirit and prevent it from escaping easily

VI. kitchen decoration

the energy of the family comes from food, and the food comes from the kitchen. Therefore, the kitchen has a great relationship with the family, and the kitchen itself has ” Fire house ” ; Therefore, the decoration of the kitchen does not need to choose other colors, but only the original black and white, and white is the best

complete knowledge of Feng Shui in kitchen decoration

Top 10 Feng Shui taboos in kitchen

1. The kitchen door cannot face the door directly. The three essentials of Yangzhai pointed out: ” Open the door to the stove and waste more money ” , This style will damage the hostess’s health, make it difficult for the family to gather money and have repeated luck. If you encounter such a pattern, the only way to avoid it is to change the door

2. The kitchen door should not be directly facing the bedroom door: the oil smoke will make the residents dizzy and grumpy

3. The kitchen door should not face the toilet door directly: as the source of a family’s large and small stomachs, the stove must be lucky. The toilet is an unclean place, and the kitchen represents fire and the toilet represents water. The incompatibility between water and fire will lead to the disharmony between husband and wife, the family is not home, and will also affect the health of the family

4. The kitchen and toilet are different: in order to save space, some families make the kitchen and toilet share one door, which makes the household water and fire unrestrained, which is very unlucky. What’s more, if you go to the toilet first and then enter the kitchen, you will absolutely lose your appetite

5. The floor of the kitchen shall not be higher than the floor of the hall, room, etc. on the one hand, it can prevent the backflow of sewage; Secondly, due to the difference between primary and secondary, the kitchen should not be above the hall and room; Again, from the kitchen into the hall to serve food, should rise step by step, on the contrary, there is the risk of returning money

6. The balcony walkway should not face the stove: the corridor presses the fire, the Lord does not gather money, and is prone to diseases such as high blood pressure

7. The stove in the kitchen should not face the refrigerator and sink directly: the refrigerator also represents a place for storing and gathering money. Its nature is water, and it is most afraid of fire attack, which is easy to cause family members’ physical discomfort

8. The stove should not be under the beam: it should not be under pressure where people often go in and out and operate, especially when the stove is used as a platform for food preparation

9. No window can be opened between the range hood and the stove, which is bad for money leakage

10. The stove must not have no backing behind it: the health, marriage and fame of the stove owner’s family should be relied on. The back must not be empty. It must rely on the solid wall. If it is a glass wall, it is not appropriate

wrong kitchen Feng Shui layout

1. The gas stove (i.e. gas stove) is not against the wall: many people like the open kitchen of Zhongdao style, and even install the gas stove on Zhongdao. In this way, without the gas stove against the wall, the oil fume will fly around, resulting in poor indoor air

2. The gas stove on the first floor is set on the drainage ditch: many residents on the first floor like to build a house outside the back of the house, and set the kitchen in the covered space. Although it can increase the space of the house, it often causes the gas stove to ballast on the drainage ditch

3. The gas stove is set under the beam: when the gas stove is under the beam, the cook will be weak and ill, with perennial shoulder stiffness and headache

4. There are windows between the range hood and the gas stove: there are windows between the range hood and the gas stove. Strong outdoor wind will blow out the gas stove and the gas will leak out, which is easy to cause accidents

5. The faucet and sewer leak: the faucet is often not turned off, and the water drips down all the time, which will keep unnecessary expenses, lose money and lose money

6. All kinds of tools and sundries are piled up everywhere: pots, bowls, ladles, basins and other tools are placed everywhere, which is messy and gives people a headache. Easy to transmit germs, easy to get sick after eating

correct kitchen Feng Shui layout

1. Install separate air conditioning: the kitchen is a hot and humid place, so it is the place where air conditioning and air conditioning are most needed at home, especially when cooking food

2. There is a window in front of the sink: it is best to have a window in front of the sink. Looking at the scenery outside the window while washing can reduce the boring cleaning work and circulate the air in the kitchen

3. As far as possible, the furnace mouth faces the angry side of the owner or the prolonging side of the mother: the furnace mouth refers to the firewood inlet, now refers to the gas inlet, which is located behind the ignition switch

4. Place the microwave oven in Jifang: the furnishings of kitchen utensils are also very important. If there is a microwave oven or rice cooker in your home, you can set it in one of your four Jifang, and the socket should also be located in Jifang

5. The stove should be supported: if the stove is supported, it means that the family is supported, which is conducive to the work fortune of the family

6. Prosperous wealth and transportation: the refrigerator in the kitchen should not be empty, and the rice jar should be filled at any time, which symbolizes that there is no danger of food and clothing at home

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