What is Wenchang bit

Wenchang position is the position where Wenchang star plays its role. Wenchang star is the Kedi star in the purple and micro Dou number, which is in charge of fame and wealth. Therefore, in ancient times, the number one scholar was often regarded as Wenchang star. A man with Wenchang star in his life or eight characters is often very smart and intelligent. In home feng shui, if Wenchang cooperates well with others, it can also improve wisdom, have a smart head, have a clear mind in study and work, enhance memory and clear thinking. Coupled with their own efforts, they will have good results

if the desk is properly placed, it can make the mind clear, concentrate and absorb. This appropriate position is the Wenchang position in Feng Shui

Wenchang position has two directions, one is the Wenchang position of the original life, and the other is the Wenchang position in the residential unit

Wenchang position is where Wenchang star flies into the house. This position exists in every house. As long as the study or desk is higher than Wenchang, it will improve reading, examination, writing and planning

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