What kind of plants are best placed in the study

In addition to the four treasures of study, a study with the smell of books should also be decorated with plants. The plants in the study should not be too gorgeous. It is best to use fresh and elegant plants, which can give people a sense of tranquility and create a good atmosphere for thinking. The best plants in the study are those that reflect the demeanor of a gentleman, or those that are prosperous in wealth and fortune, because the study is not only a place for study and work, but also a place for self-cultivation

orchids should not be potted indoors. Chrysanthemums are prone to diseases and insect pests. The best choices are bamboo, plum and evergreen broad-leaved plants. In the spacious study, you can put potted bamboo in the east or south corner, or fortune tree, bergamot and so on ” Prosperity ” ; Plants

smaller study is suitable for placing small potted plants on the edge of the desk or windowsill. Asparagus, Fugui bamboo, Shanhua bamboo and wenxinlan are all good choices, giving people a sense of elegance and quiet, which is very suitable for the atmosphere of the study. In addition, the desk can also be placed with refreshing flowers and plants such as mint leaves and Acorus calamus. Inserting two bouquets of plum blossoms in the bottle in winter can also bring a good atmosphere to the study and help the owner improve the mood and efficiency of study and work

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