Where will the clock hang

Feng Shui believes that all objects with moving images will affect Feng Shui. Therefore, whether it is a clock or a wall clock, because its hour hand, minute hand and second hand are always moving, it will also affect Feng Shui. When placing clocks and watches in the living room, you must pay attention to the following points:

clocks can be placed or hung on the Green Dragon Square, because the Green Dragon Square is a auspicious place

the pendulum can be placed or hung on the rosefinch square, because the rosefinch square is in front and belongs to the mover

don’t put or hang the clock in the white tiger square, because the white tiger square is the fierce square

don’t put or hang the clock on the basaltic side, because the basaltic is the rear, which should be quiet rather than moving

don’t put clocks and watches above the sofa, otherwise it will have a negative impact on the owner’s health

If clocks and watches are placed in the bedroom, they should not be placed above the head or tail of the bed, which will easily affect the health of the owner

White Tiger square and Xuanwu square should not be placed or hung with clocks. In addition, it is not suitable to put watches above the sofa or the end of the bed. Clocks can be placed or hung on the green dragon square or rosefinch square

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