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There is a Chinese saying called ” Dogs get rich and cats open pawnshops, Another ” When a cat washes its face and ears, a guest comes ” ; That’s right. That is to say, dogs with sharp noses and greedy cats and cats are very good at picking their owners. When they see whose food is good, they will take the initiative to pay attention. For a long time, people take the choice of cats and dogs as a sign to judge whether the owner has money. Dogs and cats often go to places where they visit. They must be rich families. It can be seen that small animals are also inextricably linked to our wealth. Most girls are naturally fond of small animals, especially cats and dogs. Then you should treat them better in the future. Maybe they are your lucky stars

however, although cats and dogs like to patronize rich families, their role in attracting wealth has not been certified in traditional Chinese Feng Shui, while several other small animals are already senior veterans of Wangcai animal industry

Feng Shui believes that small animals that are prosperous in wealth should first be pushed fish. We see that there is often a huge fish tank in the mansion of a very rich family, in which there are many beautiful small fish. These small fish are usually not only to beautify the environment, they also have an important mission is to recruit money for their owners. Many girls also like to raise a few small fish in their own room, but they find that fish are actually very difficult to raise and easy to die, and they don’t seem to have obvious financial effect

in fact, Chinese folk pay much attention to the methods of raising fish for wealth. If you raise it well, you can make a fortune, and if you don’t raise it well, you will lose money

goldfish is the first to attract money by raising fish. The fish tank for fish culture should pay attention to the shape of round, small mouth and large belly. The round fish tank belongs to gold. Gold generates water and water controls wealth, so it has the function of wealth. Moreover, from the breathing of air flow, the round fish tank with small mouth and large belly is conducive to gathering gas, and wealth can gather without losing money. The rectangular aquarium is made of wood, which is a kind of aquatic wood, and wood discharges water, so its function of gathering wealth is not as good as that of circular aquarium. And the square soil, water and soil are mutually exclusive, and the function of attracting wealth is even worse. Long and square fish tanks are as big up and down, which is not conducive to gathering wealth. The same is true for fish tanks of other shapes. We should comprehensively consider its wealth effect from two aspects: its five element attribute and whether it is conducive to gas accumulation

and the fish itself also has its five element attributes. We mainly distinguish it according to the color of the fish. For example, gold fish belong to gold, so gold produces water, and the ability of gold fish to make money is relatively strong. And the wealth effect of black fish is also better. Black is water, and water is wealth. Raising black fish can naturally help you expand your wealth. Yellow fish belong to soil, and water and soil are mutually exclusive, so the ability of yellow fish to attract money is relatively small. Similarly, the ability of red and green fish to attract money is relatively weak. Some Feng Shui schools believe that the number of days of fish farming is also a factor related to their financial ability. Raising one, six and nine are auspicious numbers with strong ability to make money, while one, three and five are days that are not conducive to financial luck, and the rest are medium. Evil can turn auspicious. In case of more than ten, divide the total number by ten, and the remainder shall prevail

however, the method of raising fish and making money is not a one-stop shop. Of course, for those who like water, fish farming can make up for their shortcomings in the five elements and bring good luck. For people who avoid water, placing fish tanks at home, which are heavy water vapor, may not only fail to attract wealth, but also damage their health

some people who are eager for money will put the fish tank on the wealth position at home, believing that this can boost their wealth more quickly and effectively. In fact, this is a misunderstanding. Feng Shui ” Draw water into the zero Hall ” ; According to, zero hall refers to a relatively weak or unlucky position, and introducing water into zero hall can turn bad luck into good luck. Therefore, keeping the aquarium in a place with relatively weak momentum can attract good luck

in addition to goldfish, tortoise is also a common and widely recognized small animal for attracting money. Tortoise is considered to be the representative of longevity. Many old people like to raise tortoises for happiness, while people think that tortoise can attract money. If it is allowed to climb at home, the last place it stops is Zhengyang wealth position at home. Now some tortoise species are also specially named Zhaocai tortoise to attract consumers

There are not only many kinds of plants, but also all kinds of animals. Although some plants are not amazing in appearance, they can help you earn money every day. While some plants are beautiful, they are indeed your accomplices in breaking money. Feng Shui believes that the plants that are more likely to lead to money loss include climbing plants, plants with thin or sharp leaves. Climbing plants have heavy Yin Qi, which naturally makes it difficult to attract the God of wealth who likes Yang Qi. The plants with sharp or thin leaves are also a symbol of small fortune and little wealth. Plants with large leaves are ideal for attracting money, while vine green velvet and Qianlian are the top plants in the eyes of feng shui experts

of course, the above Feng Shui methods are all auxiliary means for increasing revenue and reducing expenditure. In addition to the help of Feng Shui, our life and fortune are affecting our wealth. In modern society, there is also a very fundamental: if you want to get rich, you must work hard. If only the layout and location of the home are well arranged, but I don’t work very hard, waiting for pie to fall from the sky every day, there can be no good results. Feng Shui is to help you plant seeds and get better fruits. If you don’t plant seeds, how can you harvest fruits? In short, no pains, no gains, the first priority of getting rich is hard work and frugality, so that we can finally become a rich woman admired by everyone

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