Feng Shui tells you the principles of home interior decoration

People only know the decoration style of home, but they don’t know the feng shui of home decoration. It is really important to create a good-looking home and create the style you like. After all, home is our home; But home feng shui is also very important. You should know that home feng shui will affect our development every minute; So when you decorate your home, you must know the principles of indoor decoration

principle of color Feng Shui

in the decoration of home interior, the selection and matching of color is the most basic and important! Because the atmosphere created by color is different, it brings different Feng Shui aura; The atmosphere will be related to the family’s mood, mood, mood, etc., while feng shui will be related to the family’s fortune, health, family fortune, etc., so the influence of color is very significant, of course, it can not be underestimated! Feng Shui believes that the selection and application of home colors should not be too complicated. One wall should not have more than three colors, and too bright colors should not be used, otherwise it will aggravate the visual pressure of the family and bring nerve burden to the family. The color of home is best to choose some elegant and warm colors, which can make the home space bright, and also make the home look simple and generous, with a better Feng Shui aura

principles of Feng Shui for doors and windows

doors and windows are vents in the home, and windows are ” Feng Shui eye, It can be seen that doors and windows are very important for the whole home. In the decoration, of course, it is not good to ignore the Feng Shui related to doors and windows. According to Feng Shui, every room in the home must have a window, so as to ensure that the room can be better ventilated, so as not to form a decaying gas field, nor to make the indoor air become dead gas, which endangers the health of the family, so there must be a window in the room! However, the more windows are not the better. If there are too many windows in the home, the gas gathering effect of gray-scale home will be affected, resulting in the failure of home to hide wind and gas gathering and form a good feng shui gas field! Visible windows should not be too many! You need to keep this principle of Feng Shui in mind

principles of light and Feng Shui

in home decoration, the construction of light is also very important; Feng Shui has ” Bright hall and dark room ” ; It means that the light in the living room must be bright and sufficient, so that feng shui will be more prosperous and the aura will be better; The bedroom should not use too bright light. You can choose relatively soft and warm light, which can make the feng shui of the room warmer and softer, and is more conducive to our sleep and sleep. However, it should be noted that the light in the room should not be dark. The dark light will form a gloomy atmosphere, which will lead to the gloomy and unlucky home

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