Relationship between house decoration and Feng Shui

We pay attention to Feng Shui everywhere in our life, because Feng Shui has an important impact on us. Among them, the feng shui of the house will be related to our health, wealth and fortune, which needs to be paid attention to; So in Feng Shui, what is the relationship between house decoration and Feng Shui? The following is the relevant articles compiled by Fstips. Let’s have a look

the relationship between house decoration and Feng Shui

what is the relationship between house decoration and Feng Shui

1. Career luck

the due north direction of the house represents career luck. The five elements belong to water and prefer blue or black. In this position, it is best to put five elements of water items, which can help residents increase their business fortune, such as fish tanks, landscape paintings, waterwheel, etc. it can also place black metal furnishings, and gold can produce water

2. Fame and fortune

the due south of the house represents people’s fame and fortune. The five elements belong to fire and like to use red. In this position, it is most suitable to hang the image of Phoenix, flamingo or sunrise. Red carpets and mahogany decorations can also be placed at home. Wood can make a fire, and lighting lamps can also increase fame and fortune in this position

3. Healthy fortune

the east direction of the house represents the physical health of the residents. You can choose to place lush plants in this direction to promote the health and longevity of your family. The items belonging to water and landscape portraits of the five elements are also OK, and water can raise trees

4. Future generations’ fortune

the west direction of the house represents the future generations’ fortune. The five elements belong to gold and like to use white, gold and silver. You can choose to place metal carvings, metal wind chimes, televisions and stereos, while placing white vases or natural crystals can also catalyze the fortunes of future generations, and earth can produce gold

what is the relationship between house decoration and Feng Shui

house decoration should not only reflect beauty, but also ensure the comfort and health of the residence. According to Chinese tradition ” Feng Shui ” ; Theoretically, the position of doors and windows is very important, because they are the channel between the house and the outside world. It can not only block and reduce the adverse stimulation of the outside world, but also excrete the indoor pollution and turbidity, and play a role in maintaining the relative stability of the living space

therefore, in interior decoration, the door should not be opened much first; Secondly, doors cannot be in the same straight line, so as to avoid the fluctuation of room temperature caused by too fast and too large air flow, which is called ” quot in Feng Shui; Accumulation of wind and Gas ” That’s the truth. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that ” Wind is the root of all diseases, Wind energy makes people lose energy, weak stomach qi, disordered temperature regulation and cause diseases. In order to keep the indoor air fresh and fresh and hide the wind to protect the body, a ” Porch ” ; Screen, or set the doors and windows cross to form the so-called ” Winding paths lead to seclusion ” ; To slow down the wind speed and wind force

according to ” Feng Shui ” ; In theory, the toilet (toilet) is a dirty and humid place, which cannot be directly facing the door and at the air outlet. Even now, it also meets the requirements of environmental sanitation. However, in order to be comfortable and comfortable, modern people often choose some houses with multiple sets of sanitary facilities when buying houses, especially one set of sanitary facilities is mostly connected with the master bedroom. Therefore, special attention needs to be paid during decoration. In addition to the fact that the door of the bathroom should not be directly facing the bedroom and has good sealing performance, and must be kept a large distance from the bed, the bathroom should be equipped with special air and water drainage devices, Ultraviolet disinfection lamps to keep the toilet dry and clean

a large mirror should not be placed indoors, especially in the bedroom, because the refraction stimulation of strong light is easy to affect people’s sympathetic nerve and make the thinking unable to concentrate for a long time. If there are too many glass windows around and the sense of transparency is too strong, it can make people’s mood difficult to be peaceful and lack a sense of security. Therefore, the choice of curtain texture and thickness seems to be a small thing. In fact, it is directly related to people’s physical and mental health

If lamps and decorations are installed above the bed, it will cause adult emotional tension, give people a sense of oppression and hinder people’s normal sleep, so it must be removed as much as possible. The beds of the elderly and children should not be placed close to the wall, because the wall, especially the wall close to the outdoor, is a good heat sink. If you don’t pay attention to sleeping close to the wall at night, it is easy to cause adult hypothermia and induce diseases

modern urban buildings are characterized by dense high-rise buildings. Most houses are made of reinforced cement. In addition, a large number of electrical facilities are used, and indoor static electricity is accumulated and inadvertently released. Therefore, putting a fish tank or a basin of aquatic plants in the living room and study can help to increase the humidity and conductivity of the house, eliminate and release static electricity

the planning, design and layout of decoration using Feng Shui mainly consider the following aspects:

first, from the perspective of folk customs, it is necessary to combine the owner’s couple and family members, and be people-oriented and serve people on the date of birth. Determine the direction and color of each family member’s likes and dislikes, and assign everyone’s location

secondly, how to determine auspicious materials? From the above aspects, environmental protection materials are preferred, and radioactive materials are not used. Materials are divided into five types: gold, wood, water, fire and earth. Different families should use different materials. Some are better with stone (earthy), some are better with wood (wooden), and others should be equipped with metal door and window appliances, which are more suitable for (golden) ” hellip” hellip; What zodiac sign people like and what kind of materials, which is specific to what kind of materials everyone likes

secondly, how to determine the auspicious color? First, determine the main color according to the date of birth of the owner, including the wall, floor, etc. if necessary, select the auspicious color separately according to the small room where each family member is located

Fourth, how to choose the decoration start date. When choosing the date, we often like to turn through the experience book to find the auspicious day, the ” quot in the calendar; Auspicious day ” It’s for everyone. On a auspicious day, it may be auspicious for some people, but it may be vicious for some people. The standard of good or bad luck should be considered in combination with the date of birth

the relationship between new house decoration and Feng Shui

1. Location taboo: there is no living room at the door, and there is no turning between the door and the living room

future impact: the use and configuration of space are reversed, and the living room is wrongly set in the rear, which will lead to the pattern of returning wealth and easy to make the wealth go downhill. Feng Shui Tips ” Like to whirl, avoid straight ” ;. There is no porch or low cabinet between the gate and the living room. The external air directly rushes into the house. The Yang in the house is also easy to dissipate, or it may bring the evil spirit of damaging the wealth of the family

suggestion: after entering the gate, you should first see the living room, while the bedroom, kitchen and other spaces should be located behind the house. A porch or low cabinet shelter is set up between the gate and the living room to cushion the inside and outside, gather in the living room after the Qi can be rotated, and the interior of the house is also hidden, which is not easy to peep outside. The interior of the house is hidden and deep, symbolizing the continuity of happiness

2. Decoration taboo: the living room is hung with pictures of beasts and stuffed with antiques, sundries or decorations

future effects: if you like to hang dragons, tigers, eagles and other beasts, you need to pay special attention to facing the head of the beast in the painting outward to form a defensive pattern. Never threaten yourself with the head of the beast inward, otherwise it is easy to bring unexpected disasters to your family. In addition, if the living room is full of antiques, sundries and decorations, it is easy to accumulate dust and affect the smooth airflow. Of course, it is easy to make people’s blood and health decline

suggestion: if the living room is hung with flowers, plants, mountains and rivers, or auspicious animals such as fish, birds, horses, white cranes and Phoenix, there is usually no taboo. However, too many decorations should not be placed in the living room. Proper decoration is enough. It can not only make people feel fresh and clean, but also make residents develop healthily in body and mind

3. Light taboo: the light in the living room is dark and dim, and the colors of the walls and curtains of the living room are too dark

future effects: Feng Shui Theory ” Bright hall and dark room, It emphasizes that the living room should be brighter and full of light than the room. A bright living room can bring strong family fortune. On the contrary, it may lead to the interruption of financial fortune

suggestion: Feng Shui in the living room has sufficient light, so try to avoid placing too many dense potted plants on the balcony to avoid blocking the light. The living room is a place where family and friends meet. It is most necessary to create a lively and harmonious atmosphere. The circle belongs to Yang and is a dynamic symbol, so the round lighting, ceiling modeling and decorations have a warm and lively atmosphere. The cheerful and bright atmosphere in the living room may bring unexpected good luck

4. Area taboo: the area of the bedroom is too large, more than 20 square meters; Or too small, less than Sanping

aftereffects: if the bedroom is too big and bright, and there are too many windows, the Feng Shui Qi is easy to dissipate, the Yang Qi is insufficient, and the Yin Qi of loneliness and deficiency is born. If there is more Yin Qi, the husband and wife are easy to cool, quarrel and argue. However, if you live in a small bedroom, you will feel depressed, which will affect the owner’s physical health and mental mood over time

suggestion: the bedroom is the place of love between husband and wife. It needs to gather Yang Qi and have good ventilation. Therefore, the room area should be moderate, not too large or too crowded. Generally speaking, the area of the bedroom should not be larger than that of the living room. The size of the master bedroom is based on the space in front of the bed, which shall not exceed the length of one bed

II. Six taboos in new house decoration

1. Avoid facing the door

stairs are not only an important channel connecting upstairs and downstairs, but also the place of receiving and supplying air in terms of Feng Shui. The ideal position for stairs is to stand against the wall. Avoid by all means in the center of the room. This is tantamount to dividing the home into two, which will bring bad luck to the home

2. The ceiling should not be cumbersome

the ceiling on the roof of the living room is high. For residential Feng Shui, it is the symbol of heaven, so it is very important. The common storey height of modern houses is about 2.8 meters. If the roof is decorated with false ceiling, the design is slightly improper, it will appear very tired. There is a strong sense of oppression caused by the collapse of the sky, and the residents will be under too much pressure

3. Avoid sundries on the balcony

the balcony is an important channel for residential gas reception. It should be kept open and bright as far as possible, and plants should not be too dense to block the light. The balconies in the southwest and northeast are not suitable for planting plants, otherwise it will have an adverse impact on the family’s intestines, stomach and transportation. Planting plants in the southwest will also affect the hostess’s transportation, and the Northeast will affect the children’s studies

4. Avoid glass in the porch

the porch is to the family as the throat is to the human body, and its Feng Shui function is very important. To give full play to the Feng Shui function of the porch, we must pay attention to the various taboos of the components of the porch in Feng Shui. The ceiling of the porch should be high rather than low: if the ceiling at the porch is too low

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