The living room is too small. How to arrange it

Some residential living rooms are relatively small, which is not conducive to residential Feng Shui in terms of Feng Shui. However, expanding the living room area is not operable. So, how can we improve the house transportation in the living room? The best way is to simplify the furnishings of the living room

try to get rid of unnecessary furniture and reduce the decorations in the living room. Both furniture and decorations are mainly in a simple style. For example, do not put tall cabinets, but mainly low cabinets. There should not be too many sofas. Just have a host and guest seat. One or two calligraphy and paintings on the wall can be used. Potted plants are mainly large leaf evergreen plants. It is best to choose small and medium-sized pots, which can be placed on the low cabinets to beautify the environment and save space. In this way, the living room is simple and generous, which can better reflect the master’s taste

when family members and guests come to the living room, they will not feel depressed and nervous. The urgency in the air field is weakened, and the problems such as family discord and disharmony between host and guest in the narrow living room can also be greatly improved

in addition, the living room is small and generally does not need to be carpeted, but we must keep the living room clean, bright and clean, so as to make the living room look more spacious

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