What is the impact of false ceiling on house transportation

In modern houses, in order to highlight some decoration, some families like to install a false ceiling on the top of the house. Although the false ceiling is practical and beautiful, it actually follows the Feng Shui principle

this is because the house is built as a whole. If redundant parts are added at any position, it actually destroys the overall design of the house, which is not necessarily so coordinated in style. From the perspective of Feng Shui, it creates a pattern of self-determination

the so-called self-determination means that a part of the house is cut off, which destroys the overall aura of itself, which will make the original satisfactory work fragmented, or the career and study will be blocked

if some families install false ceilings in the living room and then dig lamp slots on the false ceiling, it will not only create a pattern of self cutting, but also form a pattern of beam capping, which will also suppress the travel of family members. However, if there is a beam in the house structure, such as in the corridor, the beam can be partially filled with a false ceiling to eliminate the bad atmosphere caused by the top pressing of the beam

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