Where should the electric rice cooker be placed

The electric rice cooker should be placed on a flat and stable surface, such as a kitchen countertop, to ensure safe and effective operation. It is important to avoid placing the rice cooker near the edge of a counter or table, as it could be knocked over and cause injury or damage. Additionally, it’s essential to keep the rice cooker away from sources of heat, such as a stove or oven, as this could cause the appliance to overheat or malfunction. Finally, make sure to leave enough space around the rice cooker to allow for proper ventilation and cooling, as this will help to prevent overheating and prolong the life of the appliance.

Instructions on the placement of electric rice cookies in feng shui

As an accessory to the stove, the orientation of the electric rice cooker also plays an important role in Feng Shui. Therefore, reasonably arranging the orientation of the electric rice cooker conforms to certain Feng Shui principles and is an important factor to maintain good feng shui in the kitchen. The orientation of the so-called electric rice cooker is for the press engine of the electric rice cooker, that is, the orientation of the press engine

The electric rice cooker should face the north. The attribute of the electric rice cooker is fire. The North belongs to water, which can form ” Both water and fire ” ; The main house has a smooth wind and water and makes rational use of resources; The electric rice cooker should face east or southeast, because these two directions belong to wood. Wood makes fire, which can make the fire of the stove vigorous, and the main life is red and hot. Moreover, the East and southeast are the places where all things grow, and the main life is vigorous and booming; The electric rice cooker should go south. The South belongs to fire, which has the same properties as the electric rice cooker. It can help the prosperity of the fire, but it can not form the image of adding fuel to the fire. Therefore, it can only be used as a small auspicious theory

In addition, it should be noted that the electric rice cooker should not face the southwest, because the southwest is the fierce side in the kitchen, which is a disease symbol. If the fire generates a prosperous disease symbol, it will cause the family to suffer from vicious diseases and damage their health

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