What are the Feng Shui taboos in hotel decoration

Magnificent, flowing gold and modern trend are the trend of hotel design and decoration. hotel decoration Feng Shui to do a good job in decoration Feng Shui, attract more customers and bring comfortable feelings to customers, we should first pay attention to the Feng Shui in the lobby. The lobby is the place where the hotel welcomes and sees off customers and an important transportation hub. Its decoration style and quality are the first impression and first feeling of the hotel to customers. If the lobby can bring comfortable enjoyment to people, it may stop customers. If the lobby is full of smoke, customers will only flinch

hotel decoration Feng Shui

hotel decoration Feng Shui

hotels are becoming more and more important to our life, but this does not mean that all hotels can develop vigorously. Whether a hotel business is booming or not is closely related to its decorative Feng Shui

the stairway is facing the hotel gate, which is a pattern of money leakage. In this case, it is best to set a screen between the hotel gate and the stairway. Of course, the screen is also optional. It’s best to choose according to the owner’s birthday and the orientation of the store door to play a better Feng Shui effect. In addition, inviting the God of wealth to zhenzhai is also one of the options. Please place a statue of Guan Gongwu God of wealth facing the gate, which can not only block the evil spirit rushing in from the outside, but also prevent the leakage of wealth

Hotel Interior design is also very important in hotel feng shui design. Its main content is room design. The design of the guest room has a direct impact on the image and occupancy rate of the hotel. The floor height of the guest room is generally about 2.8 meters. If it is too high, it has a sense of emptiness and too low, it has a sense of depression. The decoration of the room during the time is generally dominated by light color style. The information of light color style helps financial luck. Try to make each room face well, strive for sunshine and good landscape, and make the guests feel comfortable

hotel bathroom is an important connotation of room feng shui, because it can directly affect the health of guests. The basic function of the toilet is to provide guests with personal hygiene requirements such as washing, grooming, entering the toilet and bathing. The toilet shall be convenient, compact, efficient, comfortable, bright and clean, and the decoration shall also be light and bright. In addition, the door of the bathroom cannot face the bed. Placing small green flowers and plants in the bathroom can improve the Feng Shui Effect of the whole guest room

Hotels with different orientations have different Feng Shui attributes. According to feng shui master, it’s ” Huozhai ” , The decoration design style of the lobby should be mainly dark, giving people a strong sense of visual impact and a sense of solemnity. If the color tone is too light, the fire is empty and untrue, which is easy to provoke a lawsuit or fire. Sitting north and facing south is ” Water house, The lobby design of this kind of hotel should give people a feeling of hiding and having a unique cave, so that it will not lead to the direct north wind in winter and the loss of guests. Sit east to West as ” Wooden house, The hotel lobby facing this kind of hotel is based on the founder and atmosphere, and should be designed higher and deeper. If it is too wide and shallow, it is easy to imbalance Yin and Yang. The lack of Yang Qi but the excess of Yin Qi is conceivable, which is unfavorable to the development of the hotel

in order not to make the wide lobby look monotonous, feng shui master suggested that some Feng Shui objects that attract money and avoid evil spirits, such as 5 or 8 golden quartz clocks, gods and Buddhas, or objects with high authority of elephants, can be placed in the lobby. The selection of these objects should be determined according to the overall style of the lobby. If there is a smell of evil in front of the gate, it’s best to place two stone lions at the gate. The lobby is the place where you can’t always be reminded of the reputation of the hotel. Otherwise, it’s also the easiest place to receive customers. Therefore, in the design and decoration, it is best to choose some dirt resistant, wear-resistant and easy to clean finishes. In order to enhance the overall sense of space, some decorations with continuous patterns or patterns can be selected for the ground and wall

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