How to put the furniture in the bedroom

Bedroom furniture occupies a lot of space. Therefore, when choosing the color of furniture, we should not only meet personal preferences, but also take into account the coordination of the overall style

if the room is large and the light is good, the selection range is relatively wide. Bright colored furniture can make the room style light, and light colored furniture can make the room simple and elegant. The room with small area is not easy to use cold color furniture, so it should create a warm style

the color of furniture should be coordinated with the color of walls and floors, but not close to each other, so as to produce a sense of hierarchy

regardless of the size of the bedroom, the furniture should be placed against the wall, which is conducive to daylighting and ventilation. People sleep for a long time in the bedroom, and the air quality is very important, so the best material for furniture is the material without chemical raw material processing. For example, the furniture of log series can be polished with natural wax on the basis of log, which is beautiful and does not pollute the air; Furniture made of rattan, bamboo and other natural materials can help us return to nature and be beneficial to health. If you buy processed furniture, you must pay attention to whether it contains ingredients toxic to human body

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