What about the kitchen next to the bedroom

In a residence with two bedrooms and one living room or multiple bedrooms, there is often one or two bedrooms close to the kitchen. Generally, families will lean their beds against the partition wall between the bedroom and the kitchen. The five elements of the kitchen belong to fire, and its nature is inflammation. Residents close to the kitchen ” Thriving ” , His temper is irritable, his body, physical strength and ideological status are deteriorating, and his career and study will be greatly affected. Especially if there is a bedroom above the kitchen, the situation will be worse

if the bedroom is adjacent to the kitchen, the evil spirit of fire will be too large, and the Qi field of the bedroom will be too dry and hot. People are easy to have a bad temper, which is bad for their health, and husband and wife are also easy to quarrel and conflict

solution method :

(1) the lower part of the bed is paved with yellow or brown carpet, because yellow and brown belong to soil and fire generates soil, so as to vent the evil spirit of fire in order to resolve it

(2) place a string of five emperor coins, six emperor coins and ten emperor coins under the carpet

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