One or four of the same palace’s AIDS

Next to the Wenchang bed, if you can put a bedside table with handrails for the left Green Dragon and the right white tiger, and put a vase with four rich and noble bamboos raised by water on it, it will help to prosper the divinatory Qi of the four tonggong

the other white is water and the four green is wood, which is rich and valuable bamboo

four brushes can also be placed instead of four green ones, but they must be soaked with water to meet the effect of water growing wood. If you hang four pens, you can also put a glass of water next to the pen holder, which is also in line with the divinatory symbols of the same officials

the most commonly used Wenchang AIDS in Hong Kong and Taiwan is to hook four brushes on the pen table of Chinese calligraphy to boost Wenchang stars, but the brushes must be written with the names of four Chinese writers

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