Placement and function of Wenchang tower

Everyone likes to use Wenchang tower to promote the prosperity of Wenchang. How should Wenchang tower be placed and what is its function

placement of Wenchang tower :

Wenchang tower is usually placed on a desk or bookshelf, preferably a desk. However, if Feng Shui objects want to flourish, people must meet three conditions. The first condition is that Feng Shui objects must be treated by religious ceremonies, which is the so-called opening or blessing. The second condition is that Feng Shui objects must be placed in the right position or orientation to play a role. The third condition is that the master should be with Feng Shui objects in order to prosper the master or help the master turn evil spirits and ward off evil spirits

children can put Wenchang tower at the head of the bed, while adults can put it on the desk; Scholars put it in the bookcase, which is conducive to quick thinking and being among the best in the exam

the role of Wenchang tower :

① it is practical for any good study

② it is also very practical for mental workers

③ it is also very practical for the performance of civilian personnel

④ it is suitable for people who want to enhance their wisdom. Such as businessmen and salesmen who make money by wisdom

⑤ put the tower in the prosperous star of people, which can give birth to noble sons, prosperity and noble spirit, and make you a civilian

Wenchang tower should not be too close to Wenchang, otherwise it is easy to produce reaction of excessive pressure. The appropriate distance should be at the windowsill and bookcase; If the table is large, it can be placed on the table

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