Which direction is the head of the wedding bed

Whether the feelings of newlyweds will be good and long-term is closely related to the feng shui of the marriage room. In the marriage room, the bed has the greatest impact on the relationship between husband and wife. The bed is a place for the couple to rest and have sex, so the feng shui of the bed will directly affect the emotional fortune of the couple and other aspects

Feng Shui in a new house: which direction is the bed head of the newlyweds better

here we focus on the question of which direction the head of the bed of the newlyweds is good, because in Feng Shui, it is considered that there are great differences in Feng Shui attributes in different directions, so different directions will be affected by Feng Shui

bedside placement of husband and wife

because they are newlyweds, their emotional fortunes are not very stable. Even when they are in love, their emotional fortunes will change after marriage. At this time, the feng shui of the marriage house will play a very important role. This is also the main reason why many people have very good feelings when they are in love, but there are emotional problems after marriage

after marriage, the relationship between husband and wife has changed, and the living environment has also changed. This change will directly affect the psychological and emotional changes of each other. Therefore, when placing the head of the bed, we should pay attention to some directions that can regulate the mood as much as possible

at the same time, the couple’s other fortunes will also affect their emotions. For example, if the internal financial situation of the family is not stable enough, it will inevitably have a certain adverse impact on the feelings of the couple. Therefore, when placing the head of the bed, it can also be placed according to the actual living conditions. If the family is lack of anything, the head of the bed will be oriented towards the direction with strong air transportation in some aspect, which will be of great help to family life

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