What are the Feng Shui taboos in kitchen decoration

What are the Feng Shui taboos in kitchen decoration

What are the Feng Shui taboos in kitchen decoration

(1) the kitchen is not a closed space

the kitchen must not be a closed space, but must open direct external windows. Otherwise, the exhaust gas generated by the kitchen stove is harmful to the human body, especially in narrow small-area houses. If the doors and windows are closed and cooking food, it will cause chronic poisoning and suffer from a variety of diseases in the long run

(2) the kitchen should not be located in the center of the residence

it is not good to set the kitchen in the center of the residence. The kitchen has water, fire and all kinds of smoke, as well as the heat wave and sound wave formed by the symphony of pots and pans, which is very easy to cause a strong disturbance to the tranquility and warmth of the house

(3) the kitchen door should not be opposite to the bedroom door

the bedroom is a place for sleep and rest, which needs harmony, safety and tranquility. The kitchen faces the bedroom door. Due to air convection, the cooking fume, hot gas and all kinds of harmful gases generated during combustion in the kitchen will enter the bedroom, destroy the cleanliness of the bedroom air and cause the owner’s irritability. There is a hidden danger of fire in the kitchen, especially gas leakage. Therefore, the bedroom should be far away from the kitchen, which will appear relatively safe. When the residential layout has to face the kitchen door and bedroom door, first of all, efforts should be made to increase the distance between the kitchen door and the bedroom. At the same time, the bedroom door should be closed frequently, especially when cooking, we should pay more attention to closing the bedroom and kitchen door at the same time

(4) the kitchen door should not be opposite to the bathroom door

the kitchen door must not be opposite to the bathroom door. If it is opposite, the dirty and moisture discharged from the bathroom will be directly discharged into the kitchen through air convection, which will pollute the food and seriously affect the health of the whole family

(5) the kitchen should not share a door with the bathroom

in some residential design, in order to save space, the kitchen and bathroom should share a door for people to leave. In this way, whether you enter the bathroom after passing through the kitchen, or enter the kitchen after passing through the bathroom. The kitchen will suffer from the pollution and moisture of the bathroom. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid sharing a door between the kitchen and the bathroom as far as possible

(6) the kitchen should not be used as a hall or aisle

the kitchen is an important place for cooking food. In order to ensure the cleanness and hygiene of cooking food, it should avoid the interference of various adverse pollution as far as possible. In the past, the kitchen was often used as a hallway or hallway in small-scale houses, which is not desirable and should be avoided as far as possible

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