Five taboos of Feng Shui in bedroom windows

1. Bedroom window

the window is an important place to store wind and gas in the bedroom, and has a very important impact on the intensity of the light in the bedroom

if the window faces east or west, there will be strong light in the morning and afternoon, affecting the rest. It is ideal if the window can face south or North

bedroom windows should not be too many. When they bring fresh air and bright sunshine, they may also bring bad breath. It’s best to install thick curtains on the windows. One is to resist the evil spirit, the other is to hide privacy, and the third is to weaken the strong light. It’s the best way to reduce the harm of windows

wind chimes cannot be hung on the window of the bedroom, otherwise it is easy to make people dizzy and irritable

2. The bedroom is equipped with floor to ceiling windows

some people design the bedroom windows as floor to ceiling windows in order to catch up with fashion. However, the bacteria in the bedroom can be mainly used for sleeping. Although the French window can see more scenery, the huge window may become a huge mirror at night, and the hanging feeling of the French window will also bring tension to people. Especially after waking up in the middle of the night, floor to ceiling windows may bring illusion and insecurity. In addition, because the glass structure is not easy to keep warm, people in the bedroom need to consume more energy. Similarly, the balcony of the bedroom also has such a problem. Therefore, bedrooms with French windows and balconies are not suitable for living. If there are floor to ceiling windows and balconies in the bedroom, thick opaque curtains should be installed and tightened before going to bed

3. The height of the windowsill in the bedroom

the windowsill in the bedroom should not be too low, which will bring people an uneasy mood. The bedroom is a place to rest. We should create a warm atmosphere. If the height of the window sill of the bedroom is equal to or slightly higher than that of the bed, the lower half of the window can be installed with opaque glass, or some bonsai can be properly placed on the window sill to block the line of sight

4. The bedroom is connected to the balcony and floor to ceiling windows

in order to ventilate and daylighting and pursue Western effects, the bedroom of modern residence generally designs large floor to ceiling windows or balconies. In fact, such a structure is just bad for the human body. It will increase the energy consumption in the process of sleep, resulting in human fatigue and insomnia. Because the glass structure can’t save human heat, it’s the same reason that sleeping in the open air is easy to get sick

after photographing the spectrum of human energy field through special photography methods, some scientists also found that the energy field of sleeping in an ordinary bedroom is relatively strong, while that of sleeping in a bedroom with balcony is weak. This proves that sleeping in a room with many glass structures is not good for the body. If the bedroom is connected to a balcony or French window, it’s best to often cover it with thick curtains

5. Multiple windows

some windows of modern houses are push-pull, with two or more separate windows. In fact, from the perspective of Feng Shui, it is most suitable to use the whole window in the bedroom. If the bedroom is made up of multiple glass windows, not only feng shui will be unfavorable, but also things will be difficult and there will be many differences

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