Knowledge of the location of kitchen stove fire and Feng Shui

How to decorate the kitchen is a profound knowledge. To decorate the kitchen, we should not only pay attention to the rational use of the kitchen, but also pay attention to some knowledge and matters in Feng Shui. After all, the kitchen is very important to us, so we all hope to know more about the relevant stress and knowledge of the kitchen in Feng Shui. What is the knowledge of Feng Shui about the location of kitchen stove fire? Let’s see what the relevant articles say

I. the kitchen stove is fire, while the toilet is water. According to popular life, water and fire are incompatible and water and fire are mutually exclusive. Therefore, in this five element Feng Shui, the kitchen stove cannot be close to the toilet. Moreover, the toilet is the place that produces the most filthy gas in the whole house. The kitchen is the place we use to cook food. Naturally, we can’t let this filthy gas enter the kitchen. Moreover, the cold place such as the toilet can’t face the kitchen stove, otherwise it will collide with the kitchen king in the kitchen stove. In this way, the family’s luck will be very bad in a year and everything will be bad, so in this regard, The kitchen stove cannot be close to or face the toilet

2. Avoid opposite to the door: avoid opposite to the door: the kitchen stove is a place for making fire and cooking, which is very dry and hot, so it should not be directly opposite to the door, otherwise it will be unfavorable to the people in the room

3. The ideal position of the stove and sink is close to the north wall, that is, sitting north to south. In Feng Shui, the magnetic field in the North has always been the best. The stove and sink in the north are conducive to gathering the vitality in the north and contributing to the prosperity of the family. You can also sit from west to East, that is, to be placed against the west wall, which can welcome the purple gas from the East, which is also conducive to family transportation

IV. the stove symbolizes fire and the sink symbolizes water. These two are the core of the kitchen. The placement of other objects should be based on these two. They should be appropriate and not collide with each other. Only in this way can we create a kitchen Feng Shui conducive to family prosperity

v. avoid kitchen stoves and direct access. In the traditional Chinese Feng Shui concept, kitchen stoves are considered to be the place where a family cooks food and supports life, so they should not be led by the door

VI. The Northwest represents the position of the head of a family or the economic pillar. If you put the stove here, it means that you are burning money when you fire and cook every day. The northwest also represents ” Tianmen ” ; As soon as the fire opens, it becomes a burning paradise. This is the taboo of Feng Shui, because the northwest belongs to gold, and fire destroys gold

the geomantic omen of the kitchen stove is the key point of the kitchen, and the kitchen stove is a spark, which is not only the source of fire in the home, but also the source of wealth in the home. Of course, we must pay attention to the geomantic omen of the kitchen stove, and the above is the relevant articles about the kitchen stove. Do you know

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