Some invisible Feng Shui hidden dangers in new house decoration

The new house just bought must be decorated. In the process of decoration, different people pay attention to different problems. Some people care about the price, some people care about the materials, and some people care about the beauty. In addition to these, in the process of new house decoration, we should also pay more attention to the problem of Feng Shui

because the quality of residential feng shui will directly affect the family’s fortune. If Feng Shui is poor and there are problems in living in it, it is estimated that no matter how beautiful and save money, it may not be happy

some invisible Feng Shui hidden dangers during new house decoration

as for Feng Shui, we need to pay attention to a lot. Some superficial problems are easy to solve, but some invisible factors can pose a great threat to residential Feng Shui. Therefore, here we focus on the hidden dangers of Feng Shui in the decoration of new houses

1. Position of beam: since the beam will be covered up after decoration, few people know where the beam of their house is. However, in Feng Shui, great importance is attached to the beam. Assuming that the beam is placed on the dining table, sofa and above the bed, it will have an adverse impact on the fortunes of the family. Therefore, it is best to ask the position of the beam during decoration, and then carry out indoor layout

2. Arrangement of pipes: the pipes in the house will also be hidden after decoration, so as to make the house look beautiful and tidy. However, we must know the location of some pipes, such as the location of the sewer. If the sewer appears in the restaurant or kitchen or even in the bedroom, it will pose a serious threat to the feng shui of the house

therefore, these invisible factors may pose a greater threat to residential Feng Shui during the decoration of new houses, so we must pay more attention

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