The collocation of colors in new house decoration must be careful

In the process of new house decoration, what most people pay attention to is the color in the new house. Different colors match different visual effects. Therefore, what color is used in the new house still brings trouble to many residents. If we consider the problem of color from the perspective of Feng Shui, we should also treat it carefully

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in Feng Shui, it is believed that different colors have different effects on the Feng Shui aura field. Therefore, if you want to make the feng shui of the house better, you must choose the appropriate color for the house

color matching in new house decoration must be cautious

first, too miscellaneous colors cannot be used in the house

for example, many young people also use many colors for the house during decoration in order to pursue personalization or prefer a more changeable life style. In fact, this behavior will seriously damage the feng shui of the house. Because we don’t know much about the feng shui of color. If we use color indiscriminately, it will easily destroy the Feng Shui aura of the house

after all, different colors have different geomantic auras. If too many and too miscellaneous colors are adopted, the geomantic aura of these colors will be disordered, resulting in the geomantic aura of the whole house will be affected and become disordered. Living in such an environment is bound to be bad for one’s own fortune

Second, the color in the house should not be too cold

If a large number of cold colors are used in the house, it is easy to attract the spirit of yin and evil to the house, which will also be disadvantageous to the Feng Shui of the house. After all, the house is a Yang house, which naturally needs more yang. The cool tone itself gives people a very depressing feeling. In addition, Feng Shui aura tends to be negative, which will naturally be unfavorable to residential Feng Shui

living in such an environment will affect people’s health and mood, and their luck will gradually weaken

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