Does broken windows have a great impact on house transportation

Ordinary people may not care about the damage of windows “#039; In fact, once residents find that the windows are damaged, they should immediately repair them or replace them with new windows. The damage of windows has a great impact on house transportation

generally speaking, damaged things will cause bad results in Feng Shui, so we say there can be no garbage in front of the door, no dead branches and leaves, and it is not suitable to see dilapidated houses outside the window. What’s more, the window itself is damaged. The vitality flowing from the window is stained with the smell of dilapidation. How can it be conducive to the health of the family

moreover, the windows are broken and may not be closed tightly. This is the sign of money leakage. And the windows are broken, damaging the overall image of the house. Hindering beauty is not in line with the harmonious beauty required by home feng shui

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