What are the taboos of home feng shui display

Many people like to put some feng shui ornaments in their homes, one is to decorate the space, the other is to improve Feng Shui, but in fact, there are many Feng Shui taboos to pay attention to; So what are the taboos in Feng Shui? Here is the

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Home Feng Shui display taboos

What are the taboos for home feng shui display

I. home mirror Feng Shui display taboos

1. Mirror the door: in front of the door, never put a mirror, which will make the door god and the God of wealth scared away by the mirror God, which is the meaning of blocking the God of wealth. In addition, if you are a businessman, it will lead to bad career and over loan of money

2. Mirror the door: the mirror cannot face the door of the room, because the mirror has a mirror God, and each door also has its own door god. Therefore, if the mirror faces the door, it will scare away the door god who normally protects us and make the room easy to get stuck

3. Mirror bed: when people sleep, they are the most relaxed and unsuspecting. Therefore, if they get up in the middle of the night and are frightened by themselves in the mirror, they will hurt the yuan God. In addition, looking at the bed in the mirror is also easy for couples to turn their faces often, contributing to the possibility that the other half often has an affair

II. Home decoration painting Feng Shui furnishings

it is suggested that western oil paintings should not be hung as far as possible. If you want to hang, you can hang some landscape paintings, and try to focus on the auspicious meaning of the East. More or less will hang some calligraphy and painting on the wall and decorate it, which is of course very good. But this is very particular. Be sure to hang some pictures with auspicious meanings instead of personality

III. furniture Feng Shui furnishings

the house has a large space, so you can set more furniture. If the house space is small, you should set less furniture as far as possible; If the light of the house is good, you can set more furniture. If the light of the house is dark, you should set less furniture. And the color of the furniture should not be dark red. It’s red and bloody. It’s terrible. Mainly neutral and slightly warm, and do not put some strange furniture. The shape is better to be square and round

IV. home fish raising

most people who raise fish at home think they can make a fortune, but not many people really think they are beautiful, especially those who raise some Feng Shui fish. Fish farming is good, but it is conditional. Not everyone can raise fish. If the light is bad or the space is too small, it is recommended not to raise fish. This is easy to breed Yin Qi, because the water Lord’s Qi of dampness and cold will not only not make money, but also get sick and lose money, which is not smooth. If the space is large and the light is good, there is no problem at all. As long as you don’t raise it in the kitchen or aim at the stove

v. Feng Shui furnishings in home kitchen

furnishings in the kitchen, such as stove, dishwashing basin and dish frame, should be placed in the correct position. The stove is most forbidden to be shot by the faucet, which is easy to catch dysentery and gastrointestinal diseases. If the dishwasher and the stove are in a straight line, water and fire are incompatible, which will affect the relationship and health of husband and wife. If the stove is placed in a curved ruler shape (L shape) with the faucet, the water and fire can be avoided

VI. try not to put things of unknown origin such as antiques. It’s best not to put them at home. Some ancient understandings were originally dug out of the tomb of the dead, and some will be particularly vicious. In particular, people who travel to Southeast Asia should try not to buy some strange and ancient things they can’t understand, because people there will be bad luck if they happen to seal something because of the next poison

VII. How to set up a bed at home

the bedroom is a place to rest. It is the most important part of home feng shui, so setting up a bed is the top priority. Then the principle of setting the bed is to be quiet, sunny, do not rush the door, do not turn your back to the bathroom, do not aim at the mirror, and do not set strange lights directly above the bed. The bed is used as a place to rest. If the bed is left empty, it will lack a sense of security and feel uncomfortable. The so-called leave blank means that there is no back mountain or backer. When we are sleeping or making roses, our bodies will unconsciously move around, and our head may get out of the scope of the bed and be injured

What are the taboos in the placement of home feng shui furnishings

Home Feng Shui furnishings 1 In Chinese Feng Shui, it is believed that it is a auspicious beast that can attract money and turn Taisui into a town house. It is said that it is ferocious and has special magical powers. It feeds on wealth and jewelry, and only swallows but does not leak. From ancient times to today, it is considered to be a divine beast that can bring good luck. Because it has a big mouth and no anus, it only eats treasure and does not leak, so it is considered to be able to attract money. Therefore, if you want to attract money and treasure, you might as well set up a small God of wealth at home ” 貔貅 ”

Home Feng Shui furnishings 2 Golden cicada

has been useful since ancient times ” Toad palace and laurel ” ; It is a metaphor for getting a scholar. Today, as a kind of Feng Shui decoration and an auspicious ornament, golden cicada has entered thousands of households. It not only has the function of decoration, but also can turn evil spirits, ward off evil spirits and prevent villains. If you have bad work and bad fortune in 2015, please go to the Golden Toad to drive away bad luck for you, as the old saying goes ” There are golden toads at home, with continuous financial resources ”

Home Feng Shui furnishings 3 Gourd

when it comes to household Feng Shui furnishings, we have to say that the popular gourd means fortune and many children. It is an auspicious feng shui decoration. It can enhance the relationship between husband and wife, have more children and more blessings, and dispel diseases and evil spirits. The shape of gourd has a small mouth and a large stomach, which can store the good Qi field and Feng Shui for yourself, or absorb the bad Qi field. Can assist Feng Shui layout, home furnishings can be hung at the head of the bed in the bedroom. He must be the right choice for 2016 home feng shui furnishings. It can not only boost your career, but also make you prosperous

Home Feng Shui furnishings 4 Bagua mirror

Bagua mirror is common in Feng Shui. It is most commonly used to turn evil Qi. It has the function of reflection and resistance, can block evil Qi, and has the effect of preventing villains and demons. Therefore, we often see people hanging gossip mirrors on doors and windows, which can block foreign evil spirits, demons and monsters. If your family has a bad time, or there is a rush evil spirit, you can choose the right one and set him in the corresponding position, which can play the role of turning evil spirit

Home Feng Shui furnishings 5 Jinyuanbao

everyone has a dream of making a fortune. If you want to make a fortune in 2016, you can choose a large jinyuanbao ornament and place it at home. Jinyuanbao has the saying of “town house” and is also a symbol of wealth. Putting it at home can bring you noble and wealth. Furnishing it at home can play the role of Attracting Wealth, becoming rich and disaster relief, so if you want to have a big wallet, don’t let it go

Home Feng Shui furnishings 6 Duke of Kowloon Guan

Duke of Kowloon Guan can turn evil spirits, keep money and guard against villains. Because of his loyalty and courage, Lord Guan is respected by future generations, so we call him the God of wealth. Friends who do business, start a company and open a hotel can choose one to place in the company and store. When the decoration is facing outward, it can not only keep houses but also keep money. It is a popular product of household feng shui ornaments

Home Feng Shui furnishings 7 Elephant

so called ” Mountains are in charge of people, and water is in charge of wealth ” ;. We all know that elephants have long noses and can absorb water and gather wealth. All elephants are also regarded as mascots. The elephant looks peaceful and docile, full of the exotic customs of Southeast Asia. It is good to keep money and profit. It is not only a symbol of good luck, but also a decoration conducive to home feng shui. It is like being sealed and promoted to rank

taboo on the placement of household feng shui ornaments

taboo 1: copper coin

in Feng Shui, copper coin is the tortoise shell and copper coin are the most effective psychic tools in ancient divination, while copper coin handed down from the era of Taoism in the Ming Dynasty has been influenced by the Prime Minister for a long time. Copper coin is known as something that can gather souls. If you put such things at home, You can imagine how unlucky it is

taboo 2: Cactus

putting some green plants at home not only looks very vibrant, but also can purify the air. Cactus is a kind of plant that people prefer to place. In Feng Shui, cactus is an authentic evil thing. Only when there are great changes at home will cactus be placed to suppress evil. If there is nothing at home, it’s best not to place them to avoid causing disaster

taboo 3: heavy curtains that can’t penetrate the light at all

if the curtains are too heavy, they will make the home lifeless and lifeless, giving people a very uncomfortable feeling. Moreover, the dim light will easily make the eyes tired and gather light things, such as supernatural things, so it’s better not to

taboo 4: ancient clothes with unknown origin

people today like to collect antiques. Some ancient articles and clothes are among them, but clothes are the most likely to be contaminated with people’s breath, and these clothes were worn by the ancients when they died. When you put these ancient clothes together, it is easy to produce some bad luck

taboo 5: hair

some masks and embroidered screens on the market are made of the hair of the deceased by unscrupulous merchants. When you don’t know when you buy them, if you put these handicrafts at home, there will be a bad luck at home and it’s easy to provoke slow visitors

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