What about the color of study in Feng Shui

The color of the room is closely related to the five elements. In the Feng Shui layout of the study, color is very important. If the color is matched with the five elements of the study, it will not only create a comfortable and warm environment, but also improve the luck

among the five elements, cyan and green belong to wood, which represent Wenqu stars. Their functions and positions can help prosper Wenchang. Therefore, the color of the study should be green and light green, and green furniture accessories should be used to decorate it

although white is common, it is the color of Chong Ke Wenchang attribute and should not be used. If you don’t like green, you can choose a soft intermediate color

when decorating the study, do not use bright red, green or colorful mixed combinations. Instead, select the representative colors of five lines, and then match them according to the principles of wood fire, fire soil, native gold, gold water and aquatic wood

for example, for families with dark red wood floors, the study wall should be matched with the light yellow of five elements of soil, while the ceiling needs to be treated with white

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