Bedroom dresser placement

Modern life is based on the principle of convenience everywhere. In order to strive for timeliness, most modern houses put wardrobes and baby cradles in the same room. However, when placing, the wardrobe and dressing table should be arranged in a row as far as possible, which not only makes effective use of the space, but also conforms to the principle of Feng Shui. Because the sun from the east or South contains a good smell, arranging the furniture in a row can fully absorb this good information and keep people in a good mood and vitality

the wardrobe and other furniture should be placed against the West or north wall, with the door leaf or drawer facing east or south. The bedside table should be opened regularly for ventilation, because the wall will absorb moisture in summer and release cold air in winter. Headboard or pillow can be used to isolate water and cold. Although the bedside table has the functions of isolation and storage, if it is not opened for ventilation for a long time and the air cannot be circulated, there will be a strange smell, which will be bad for your health over time

the dresser is female ” Dress up ” ; How should places be placed in line with Feng Shui principles? The dressing mirror should not flush the door, because it is easy to be frightened by the reflection of the mirror when entering the bedroom. Do not shine the dressing mirror on the head of the bed, otherwise, it is easy to have nightmares or poor spirit. Some dressers are decorated with two doors in the mirror part. When the mirror is not needed, it can be closed and opened when in use. No matter how the mirror is placed, it is not afraid to rush to the door or shine on the head of the bed

according to the function and layout of the dresser, it can be divided into independent type and combined type. The independent dresser is set up separately, which is more flexible and free, and the decorative effect is often more prominent. The combined type is to combine the dresser with other furniture, which is suitable for small families with little space

in addition, the dressing table is generally composed of dressing mirror, dressing table, dressing cabinet, dressing chair and corresponding lamps. The dressing mirror is generally large, and often presents a folded design, so that the dresser can clearly see all angles of his face. The special lighting lamps for the dresser should be installed on both sides of the mirror so that the light can shine evenly on people’s faces. If the lamp is installed above the mirror, it will leave a shadow on the human eye frame and affect the makeup effect

the size of the dresser can generally be divided into two categories. Class I: the dresser can put his legs under the table. The advantage is that the person is close to the mirror, the face is clear, and it is easy to make up. At ordinary times, the dresser can also put the dresser stool under the table without occupying space. The height of this kind of dressing table is 70 ~ 74 cm, and the table top is 35 ~ 55 cm. The second type of dresser adopts a large-area mirror, so that most of the dressers can appear in the mirror, and can add a sense of comfort in the room. This kind of dresser is 45 ~ 60cm high and 40 ~ 50cm wide. The dressing chair can be made into round, square, rectangular and other forms. The height can be determined according to the scale of the dressing table, generally 35 ~ 45 cm

the cloakroom should usually be set next to the bedroom or in the bedroom, but the area should not exceed the area of the bedroom. Feng Shui believes that clothes and hats are subordinate to the bedroom, so it is not ” Affiliated ” ; More than ” Main ”

in addition, it should be noted that the cloakroom must have good lighting and ventilation, and it is best to configure ventilation equipment. Moreover, the cloakroom should be placed neatly, pay attention to cleanliness and hygiene, and do not be disorderly or covered with dust. Otherwise, it will have a great negative impact on psychology and health, and will affect the daily life of residents

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