Why shouldn’t the toilet look at the mirror

In the decoration of family bathrooms, in particular, it is necessary to avoid the toilet or urinal facing the mirror, which is very harmful to one’s own fortune and health. Why?Urinals, toilets and mirrors are all objects with evil spirits in Feng Shui. Although mirrors have the function of transforming evil spirits, they are generally suitable for transforming evil spirits outside the house. If they face the house, they will produce double evil spirits, because mirrors have a strong reflective effect.

therefore, when the urinal or toilet is opposite the mirror, the family is ‘Convenience’.It is likely that you can see it in the mirror when you are young. In this way, the foul gas, the foul gas and the evil gas of the mirror will be invested in your family. In the long run, not only your health will be damaged, but also people will become more and more foul.

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