Kitchen tile color Feng Shui is good

When choosing the color of ceramic tile, people will first consider their own preferences or the matching of kitchen, but in fact, the choice of ceramic tile color needs to pay attention to Feng Shui. Different feng shui will bring us different fortunes, so choosing the color of kitchen ceramic tile Feng Shui is very important. How about the color of kitchen tile Feng Shui? Let’s see what the relevant articles say

pay attention to the color and Feng Shui of kitchen tiles

the color and Feng Shui of kitchen tiles

due to the high temperature of cooking and stewing in the kitchen, it is best to choose the cool color among the light colors, such as white, light green, light gray and so on. And when cooking in the kitchen, people are easy to feel dull. The light tone tile color will make people feel that the space is expanded and it is not easy to feel depressed. In terms of safety, we should also pay attention to anti-skid. In fact, the versatile color is white

common colors of kitchen tiles: matte tiles

at first glance, matte tiles will make people feel bad to clean. In fact, this is wrong. Good quality matte tiles are not only very easy to clean, but also their exquisite and simple luster can show the owner’s elegant aesthetics and make the taste of the kitchen room more harmonious and natural

common colors of kitchen tiles: light colored tiles

the operating environment in the kitchen is a high temperature and high humidity environment. The colors of tiles should be mainly light and cold colors, such as white, light green, light gray and so on. Such colors will make people feel the breath and coolness of spring under high temperature conditions. In addition, light color tone can make people feel that the space is expanding and extending, avoiding the dull and depressing feeling of dark tone in a narrow space

how to choose kitchen tiles

for laying tiles in the kitchen, most families use polished tiles, because these are the most commonly used. Its characteristics are very obvious, generous and concise. It looks better with any color cabinet, but it is more common. Generally, owners who pursue a simple and comfortable life can choose this kind of tiles

wear resistance: the wear resistance is divided into five degrees, from low to high. The five degrees belong to super wear resistance, which is generally not used for home decoration. The tiles used in the kitchen are generally between one degree and four degrees

water absorption: the tile with low water absorption can be selected in the kitchen, but the texture is dense because it has high moisture-proof and antifouling ability

hardness: the hardness directly affects the service life of the tile, which is very important. The tile with high hardness has high internal quality, is not easy to deform and break, and has a long service life

specification: since the kitchen space is generally small, with windows, doors and cabinets, and the net area is relatively small, in order to avoid waste and maintain the coordination of space, we should choose the tile with small specification. In this way, there will be little waste of paving, avoid many inconveniences caused by the construction of large specification tile cutting, and will not make the space too single

what color do you choose for kitchen tiles? Feng Shui is good

first of all, we need to know. Whether in traditional Feng Shui or modern interior design. The color of the house should be dominated by light color, and dark color is easy to suppress. However, the color of the kitchen is the most critical part of the house. Because the kitchen is a place for cooking and also a place for some families to eat. Too dark will cause visual fatigue. It is easy to cause people’s cooking decline and loss of appetite

therefore, based on the above, it is best to choose white tiles and kitchenware in the kitchen. White can better understand the sanitary condition of your kitchen, so as to facilitate timely cleaning. In order to prevent foul gas and oil fume in the kitchen from accumulating for a long time and damaging people’s health

of course, it’s best to decorate the kitchen according to the color you like in your life. For example: ” Yang Mingmu Xiangren ” The favorite colors are red, purple and yellow. Then decorating the kitchen with light red, lavender or light yellow will bring you good luck

red means passion, and a small amount of red can be used for decoration. It can reduce fatigue and release vitality

black and white have the effect of stabilizing emotions. For insomnia and grumpy people, it has a good calming effect

green can bring people a comfortable and refreshing feeling. Suitable for bedroom and toilet decoration

orange is a symbol of vitality. Using orange dining tables and cabinets can stimulate people’s appetite and promote blood circulation

What’s good about matching the color of kitchen tiles with Feng Shui

to highlight the effect of kitchen space change, dark tiles are no longer the only choice. When the kitchen is generally small, light colored tiles are more conducive to expand the field of vision, and such colors will make people feel the breath and coolness of spring under high temperature conditions, which can be described as killing two birds with one stone

some family living rooms and kitchens are connected together, so the choice of tile color should be cautious. It is best to choose the same color or contrast color, but the overall color should not exceed three

the selection of kitchen tile style should focus on simplicity and cleanliness, and should be coordinated with the style and color of cabinets and cooking tables. The pattern should be simple and generous to make people feel clean and bright. Beautiful pure white is the most popular color. If you feel that too much waist line will make the space look messy and cumbersome in a narrow space, you can appropriately choose to shop and paste a few pieces of flowers for decoration, so that the kitchen shows a little vitality and romance

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