Where to put the rice cooker conforms to feng shui theory

There is a popular saying in Feng Shui Theory: ” There are three main doors, rooms and stoves in a Yangzhai” ; It means that the most important Feng Shui in a house is the door, room and stove

focus on the direction of the cooker, and the direction of the rice cooker can also be studied. Some geomantic omens are directed by the side of the rice cooker switch

first of all, remember that the five elements of an electric rice cooker belong to fire. The following is the theory of good and bad luck based on the direction of the electric rice cooker:

1. Press the button to the North ” mdash” mdash; The North belongs to water and meets fire for ” Both water and fire ” , Auspicious elephant, the owner’s home is safe

2. Press the button to the east or Southeast ” mdash” mdash; These two sides belong to wood, and the image of fire is also auspicious. The main family is often taken care of by noble people

3. Press the button to the Northeast ” mdash” mdash; The five elements of this side belong to the earth. When they meet with fire, it is an image of fire and earth, an auspicious calculation of easygoing

4. Press the button to the South ” mdash” mdash; The South belongs to fire. When it meets the fire of rice cooker, it becomes too angry. It can only be regarded as a small auspicious theory

5. Press the button to the West or northwest ” mdash” mdash; These two five elements belong to gold. They are like fire. They are small and fierce. The main family has repeated luck

6. Press the button to the southwest ” mdash” mdash; For the theory of ferocity, because the southwest belongs to the soil, the hexagram is the Yin hexagram, the obsidian is the disease symbol, and the torch of the electric rice cooker ” Sheng Wang ” ; It increases its ferocity, and the owner’s family is sick

ordinary rice cookers are not too big. I believe it’s just a small effort to pick a lucky recipe

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