Taboos in kitchen decoration design

When people decorate their houses, for some housewives, the place where they are willing to invest the most time and energy is the kitchen

Even if you don’t have a bright kitchen, you can feel the same at home. Although everyone wants to have a kitchen that looks very comfortable, most people don’t know that there are many taboos in kitchen decoration. Only after knowing these taboos, you won’t spend a lot of wronged money during decoration, and it will bring you a good family luck

1. stuffy can kitchen

in the four directions of the kitchen, at least one side is facing an open place (such as balcony, patio, backyard, etc.), do not seal the whole kitchen tightly with solid walls, or set the kitchen in the center of the room. This kind of situation often occurs in the house built by itself after the decoration, which makes the kitchen originally designed in the back of the house become a ” kitchen with only doors and no windows ” ; Stuffy tank ” ; This situation is not only not conducive to cleaning, but also easy to affect a family’s family luck

II. stove and well

when decorating your new home, especially when arranging the stove in the kitchen, you must observe the specific environment and facilities around the house in advance. If there are wells or pumping motors and other equipment outside the kitchen, please do not put the stove back on these equipment. These equipment belong to water in the five elements, The stove belongs to fire in the five elements. If they are placed unreasonably within a certain range, there will be a very serious and difficult problem of water and fire

in addition to this, according to Chinese tradition ” Genealogy ” ; If the stove is placed with its back to the well, pumping motor and other equipment, it is very unfavorable to the health and fortune of women at home

three, two bedrooms with one kitchen

the kitchen must not be set in the middle of two bedrooms. If you accidentally make this taboo, it will be unfavorable to the residents. This is a big taboo in home feng shui. I hope you will pay enough attention to the overall layout of your new home

IV. washing machine in the kitchen

when arranging the bathroom, some people will move the washing machine that can’t be put in the bathroom to the kitchen because the area of the bathroom is relatively small, and it is convenient and easy to wash clothes in the kitchen

in fact, this practice is very bad. The ancients always believed that the kitchen was the place of the kitchen king. If you wash clothes here, it will affect the luck of residents. If you can’t put the washing machine outside the kitchen, it’s more difficult. Move the washing machine outside the kitchen and use it again

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