What plants should be placed at home

To decorate the home with flowers and plants can create room images of different sizes, width and fineness. From a large perspective, if the gate is opposite to the stairs, it can be dissolved by sword leaf red, fishtail sunflower and brown bamboo and placed at the opposite place. Another example is the balcony window, which can be dissolved by cactus, rose, Jade Kirin or potted gourd. As the porch is the place where visitors make their first impression when entering the room, the indoor plants placed play an important role. Large plants plus lighting, stylish trees and potted orchids in full bloom are all suitable for the porch

in addition, plants of the same kind can be arranged between the porch and the living room to connect the two spaces. Plants are placed in the porch to afforest the indoor environment and increase vitality. Those who are auspicious will be more auspicious, and those who are vicious will turn evil into auspicious. However, it must be noted that the plants placed in the porch should be mainly evergreen plants enjoying leaves. For example, Tieshu, Facai tree, HuangJinGe and banyan. Thorny plants such as cactus, rose and azalea should not be placed in the porch to avoid damaging the Feng Shui there. Moreover, the porch plants must remain evergreen. If they are withered and yellow, they should be replaced as soon as possible. At the same time, different decorations have different emphasis on placement

I. in front of the door

on both sides in front of the more transparent door, you can put some leafy rattan, cyclamen, etc. to express the intention of welcoming guests. One or two pots of Guanyin bamboo and Western Rhododendron can be placed in front of the spacious door, so that guests will have a refreshing feeling as soon as they enter the door; In front of the narrow door, you can use the corner and wall to form a leaf viewing plant, which is better to be small and exquisite

II. several

some small foliage plants can be placed on the same several shelves to form a group beauty. Some valuable foliage plants can be placed on several shelves with excellent workmanship and beautiful shape, and placed alone, showing more extraordinary and refined beauty. Such as turtle backed bamboo, Penglai banana, Jialuo wood, etc

III. pedestal

General small and medium-sized foliage plants, such as Araucaria, Guangdong evergreen, pineapples, ferns and capsicum, can be placed on wooden, plastic or porcelain pedestals, which are elegant and more pleasing to the eye

IV. next to the sofa

in the spacious living room, one or two pots of Boston fern, colored leaf grass, brown bamboo, Indian rubber tree, cycads, Typhonium, etc. are placed on both sides of the sofa. Sitting on the sofa is like being in the arms of nature

v. in front of the window

the light in front of the window is sufficient. Neutral or positive foliage plants with different colors and forms can be selected, such as Araucaria lanceolata, plantain, Cupressus orbiculatus, Brazilian iron tree, pineapple, loose tail sunflower, geranium, African violet, ice water flower, leaf ivy, etc., so as to form a contrast of color and size

when choosing flowers and plants, you should choose flowers and plants suitable for your own cultivation in combination with your career, interests and hobbies. We should consider whether they can find living space in your living environment, such as light, temperature, humidity, ventilation conditions, etc., pay attention to the coordination with space and environment, and try to place flowers and plants according to their own space size

the ” of flowers and plants should also be considered; Complementarity ” ; Function: most flowers and plants release carbon dioxide and absorb oxygen at night, while cactus release oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide at night. If these have ” Complementarity ” ; Functional flowers and plants are placed in one room, which can balance the content of indoor oxygen and carbon dioxide and keep the indoor air fresh

be careful not to make ” Overcome each other ” ; Flowers ” Cohabitation: Once some flowers grow together, they will restrict each other and affect their growth. If roses and rhinoceros are together, rhinoceros will wither, but rhinoceros will release a substance before and after withering, which will poison and kill roses. Yu Meimei, orchid, carnation, violet, Lily and other flowers are difficult to coexist with other flowers, which is easy to cause plant casualties

more flowers and plants that can effectively absorb harmful gases in the air should be placed, such as Chlorophytum, gerbera, golden green rose, aloe, etc. all have a good absorption effect on formaldehyde, but many people hang Chlorophytum on the balcony and do not give full play to its maximum effect. Ivy, hemlock and chrysanthemum can decompose formaldehyde and xylene, and evergreen plants such as evergreen can eliminate a variety of harmful gases

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