What are the preparations for the commencement of new house decoration

The quality of residential feng shui will directly affect the fortunes of residents, so when decorating the house, we should focus on residential Feng Shui to avoid violating relevant Feng Shui taboos. Moreover, in order to ensure that the residential Feng Shui is more peaceful, corresponding preparations should be made before the decoration is started, otherwise the best decoration may have a certain adverse impact on the fortunes of the family

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What are the preparations for the commencement of new house decoration? Feng Shui when decorating the house

then here we will introduce some preparations to be done before decorating the house, and see what Feng Shui is particular about when decorating. This aspect may also be a place that many people are not aware of

1. Commencement time: the selection of commencement time should also choose a auspicious day. On the one hand, it can make the residential Feng Shui exuberant, on the other hand, it can also ensure the safety of construction. However, at present, few construction teams may care about this content and want to finish it as soon as possible, but in fact, this will also have some adverse effects on the construction team. Therefore, it is suggested to treat the commencement time carefully

2. Construction personnel: it is recommended not to choose female construction personnel when starting construction. This is not discrimination against women, but from the perspective of Feng Shui. Generally, women have heavy Yin, so it is easy to destroy residential Feng Shui. Especially for women who come to menstruation or are pregnant, the Qi of yin and blood is heavier, which is more destructive to residential Feng Shui, but it’s not easy to ask, so it’s better not to invite female employees for construction and decoration. At the same time, even for guests, it is best not to allow women other than the homeowner to enter when they start work

so we must pay attention to these Feng Shui problems when decorating the house, otherwise it may damage the basic Feng Shui gas field of the house

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