How to ensure the stability of Feng Shui in toilet

The toilet has always been regarded as the most unstable factor in the feng shui of the house, because the toilet is a place where moisture and Yin gather. Once the decoration and goods are not well placed or the toilet door is not oriented correctly, it may lead to the Feng Shui instability in the toilet and affect the Feng Shui of the whole house. So how can we ensure the stability of Feng Shui in the bathroom

reasonable orientation

generally speaking, there is no stress on the orientation of the toilet door, as long as it conforms to the usage habits. The only thing to note is not to face the doors of other rooms, that is, in a straight line. This situation will lead to the emergence of counter brake, and will also affect the Feng Shui stability in the two rooms

especially opposite to the kitchen door, it can be said to be standard ” Fire and water are not allowed, Feng Shui phase is very obvious, and the impact is also very large

reasonable furnishings

the items placed in the bathroom are mainly washing appliances, toilet and bathtub. Because the toilet space of most residents is not very large, these furnishings must follow specific Feng Shui matters when they are placed. For example, the mirror in the bathroom cannot be opposite to the door, and must be placed staggered. The second is that the bathtub should be placed on the wall, rather than there are gaps in front, back, left and right. In addition, pay more attention to the height of the washstand. In addition to being easy to use, it should also be in accordance with the requirements of Feng Shui, which should not be too high

reasonable decoration

mainly refers to the theme and color use of decoration. Generally speaking, some bright colors should be selected in the bathroom to highlight the sunshine temperament. Do not look quite gloomy, dark and lack of vitality after decoration

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