From the perspective of Feng Shui, what problems should the toilet pay attention to

People who have some knowledge of home feng shui know that the most important spaces in the house are the living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. The first three are all places where auspicious luck, wealth and vitality gather. Only the Yin and moisture in the bathroom are heavy, so more attention must be paid to the decoration to ensure the stability of Feng Shui in the bathroom door and interior. So what ornaments should be placed in front of the bathroom door in order to maintain the normal effect of Feng Shui

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place Feng Shui plants

it is a good choice to place Wangcai Feng Shui plants on both sides of the bathroom door, because Feng Shui plants can dissolve the effect of shock, dampness and Yin, and they are more suitable to be placed at home. From the overall pattern, the bathroom is where the fierce position in the house is, so placing Feng Shui plants on both sides of the bathroom door can stabilize the Feng Shui in the bathroom. It should be noted that the light intensity near the bathroom door is insufficient, so the plants should be reasonably selected

Interior decoration should be normal

that is to say, appropriate colors should be used when decorating the interior of the toilet, and the selection of lamp types should also conform to the characteristics of Feng Shui in the toilet. In addition, the orientation of mirrors and other toiletries must meet the requirements of Feng Shui, such as not directly opposite to the bathroom door. Only by doing this can we bring a stable Feng Shui foundation to the bathroom

avoid hedging

do not make the door of the bathroom opposite to the door of other rooms in the house, that is, in a straight line. If this situation exists in the design of the house pattern, you can choose to set up a screen in front of the toilet, or hang a curtain on the door, which can hinder the flow of air transportation

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