Screen placement in living room porch

There is a saying in the water dragon Sutra called ” Go straight ahead and hurt others ” , It can be said that it is a revelation. As we all know, if there is no screen in the living room, the incoming airflow will be ” Drive straight in ” , And present a ” Irresistible ” ; The formation is completely different with the screen. The air flow in and out must go around the screen, which is much more soothing and natural. After such a winding, the trajectory of the air flow becomes ” S”; Shape, although the air flow slows down, the whole air flow can achieve ” Qi does not disperse ” , This is very consistent with ” Music is love ” ; Feng Shui principle

in the past quadrangles and ancient buildings, why is there a screen like ” Shadow wall ” ; And? This is to block the strong air flow from outside the gate and slow down the roaring air flow, which can be compared with the ” Flow rate ” ; Coordinate. Therefore, the ancient traditional feng shui theory holds that the shadow wall is set up for the impact of the external air flow, which is undoubtedly very reasonable

in ancient geomantic omen, no matter rivers or lakes, it is very taboo to go straight. There is no place that is not regarded as a good omen because of its meandering, twists and turns and long history. Take Beijing Forbidden City, one of the representative works of ancient imperial gardens in China, as an example. In its overall layout and setting, without exception, every courtyard and palace is equipped with shadow walls similar to screens, which is taking its ” Music is love ” ;. Only some are built with cheaper bricks, some are carved with more expensive wood, and some are carved with valuable jade. However, no matter what kind of materials are used, they have one thing in common, that is, they do not deviate from the ancient Feng Shui

screen is regarded as a very practical decorative appliance in Feng Shui. It is easy to disassemble and move. While blocking the air flow, it is also an elegant decoration in the room, forming a beautiful home landscape. Feng Shui also believes that the screen will divide the living room into many stingy fields, so that it can be changed flexibly ” Door ” , Adjust the source of anger so that the homeowner is always in a good gas field

most modern people only use the partition function of the screen. For example, when receiving guests in the living room, they often skillfully use the screen as a cover, which can increase some private space

from the perspective of psychology, the screen can slightly separate yourself from the noisy hall and give yourself a relatively independent space. In such a small semi closed space, you will have a sense of peace or security when chatting with others or doing things alone

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