Placement of the God of wealth in the porch

In modern times, many people worship gods at home in order to protect their ancestors, live a long and healthy life and attract wealth. However, placing traditional shrines in modern houses will seem out of place. To eliminate this contradiction, we must adopt the layout method according to local conditions

the landlord is one of the most frequently worshipped gods in the house. Other gods can move into other hidden corners of the house, but the landlord must stand in front of the door, because the landlord’s name is ” The Dragon gods of five places and five lands, the God of wealth of the former and the latter landlords ” , We should face the door and accept money from all sides outside the door. Only in this way can we enhance the wealth of the house. The landlord is also the patron saint of the house. Standing in front of the door, we can turn away cattle, ghosts and snakes

the best way for the landlord to place the throne is to offer it separately in the porch cabinet facing the door, so that it is not conspicuous and does not lose the principle that the landlord should stand towards the door

because the landlord has been worshipped on the ground for a long time since ancient times. Even if it is placed next to the shoe cabinet, people come and go every day, there is no problem

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