How to solve the relative Feng Shui of kitchen water and fire

We must be careful about the layout of Feng Shui in the kitchen, because it is very easy to have the opposite situation of water and fire in the kitchen. For example, such feng shui will appear together with the stove and sink. Such Feng Shui is not only detrimental to our fortune, but also affects the Feng Shui of the home and affects our health. Of course, we must pay attention to such Feng Shui and know how to resolve the relative pattern of water and fire, So how to crack the relative Feng Shui of kitchen water and fire? Let’s see what the relevant articles say

geomantic omen knowledge originated from the book of changes. In the five elements theory, water and fire overcome each other and do not shoot. In the kitchen environment, the biggest reason that this situation will obviously cause safety problems is that the kitchen will be equipped with a stove. From the perspective of kitchen Feng Shui, there will be quarrels between the faucet and the stove, rotten peach blossom, leakage of wealth, and even bloody disaster. In fact, this question can be answered from the perspective of common sense and science. Water is easy to flameout, especially for modern gas stoves. The serious consequence of flameout is the leakage of carbon monoxide, which is likely to cause poisoning events. Even if there is no open fire, electric leakage accidents may occur in electronic products. Therefore, it is reasonable to pay attention to the layout of kitchen sink and faucet from the perspective of Feng Shui. Therefore, the faucet should be arranged away from the stove as far as possible, and even the water basin should not be close to the stove as far as possible, so as to resolve this bad feng shui

the stove belongs to fire and the sink belongs to water. The two are adjacent or opposite, which means that water and fire collide with each other. The main wealth is unstable and the tongue is official

in the sixty-four trigrams in the book of changes, in addition to the trigrams of fire and water, there are also the trigrams of water and fire. The difference between them is whether the moistened water and the fire on the Yan mountain can help each other

xiangjide is located on Feng Shui, that is, a soup pot is added on the stove, and the side of the stove is next to the large cylinder filled with water, which is not only convenient and fast in use, but also improves the utilization rate of water. Looking back on the past, this kitchen style has gone through thousands of years. There are not only no family discord, but also many four generations living together. Just like the catering industry, the cooking pots in the kitchen are equipped with water taps. If they are disassembled and repacked according to the theory of water and fire, it is believed that the restaurant will be closed soon because of the lack of fire and water

but say ” The faucet outlet does not flush with the stove, This is nonsense, ” The refrigerator shall not be located in a straight line opposite to the stove ” ; More nonsense! In this way, the furnace position cannot be opposite to or close to the faucet and refrigerator, but can only be staggered. Just ask, even if you give a people’s Square as a kitchen to decorate Feng Shui, it’s not enough! Moreover, many single apartments are difficult to arrange due to the limitation of area pattern. Is there something bad

the stove should not be close to the bedroom: the stove is hot, and the oil smoke generated during frying is not suitable for the human body, so it is unlucky for the stove to face the main door, especially the bedroom

the pool is a tool that needs to be used before and after cooking, while the stove is a tool that needs to be used when cooking. Because most people are used to taking water with their right hand, for convenience, when they are placed in a row, the pool is often on the right, the stove is on the left, and take ” Take water as your wealth and get rich ” ; Meaning

in terms of kitchen Feng Shui, the orientation of pool and stove is the least suitable for sitting from east to west, that is, avoid leaning against the east wall. Because the west is in the Yin position and has a negative magnetic field, it will have an adverse impact on the health of residents. If you have no choice but to choose this position, it is suggested to place a set of five emperor coins in the wall of the back of the stove or lay a red colloidal carpet on the floor tile in front of the stove, so as to resolve the adverse negative magnetic field brought by the West

the kitchen is the most important area in the home, and the colleague kitchen is also an indispensable area. Therefore, we have to pay attention to whether the kitchen has to be treated with care. In addition, the feng shui of the kitchen is still the key to our wealth, health and career development. So do you dare to ignore the feng shui of the kitchen

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