What kind of plants are better at the entrance

Placing plants in the porch can afforest the indoor environment, increase vitality, make the auspicious more auspicious, and the fierce turn the evil into auspicious. Flowers, foliage plants and other living things can guide the vigorous Qi. Potted flowers can stabilize the space, especially for married people. Single people can use flower arrangement for decoration, but do not place empty vases

however, it must be noted that the plants placed in the porch should mainly be evergreen plants enjoying leaves, such as iron tree, fortune tree, golden Pueraria and banyan enjoying leaves. Thorny plants such as cactus, rose and azalea should not be placed in the porch to avoid damaging the Feng Shui there. Moreover, the porch plants must remain evergreen. If they cannot keep the health of plants and flowers, it is best not to raise them. If they are withered and yellow, they should be replaced as soon as possible

try not to put artificial artificial flowers in the porch, because artificial flowers can not play a good role in guiding Feng Shui, and it is easy to weaken the anger in the home

when we buy the plants in the porch, we should pay attention to the shape of the leaves. Some kinds of plant leaves are pointed, and some will produce toxins or evil Qi, which will bring us bad feng shui. It’s better to choose round plants with juicy leaves and stems. They have attraction ” Good omen ” ; Potential energy

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