Which rooms need special attention in the decoration process

In the process of house decoration, modern people may pay more attention to the beauty, environmental protection and cost of decoration. But in fact, in addition to these contents, we should pay more attention to the Feng Shui situation of the house after decoration, because if the feng shui of the house is damaged in the decoration process, it will have a great impact on the fortunes of the family

which rooms need special attention in the decoration process? House decoration focuses on

I believe how bad luck is. No matter how well the house is decorated, it may not be happy to live in it! Of course, not every room in the house should be paid special attention. Generally, only some key points in the house need to be maintained to ensure the stability of residential Feng Shui. What rooms need to be paid attention to during decoration

1. Living room: the living room is the place where houses store wind and gas, so the quality of its feng shui will affect the gas absorption effect of houses. Generally, when decorating the living room, we should pay attention to ensuring the lighting and ventilation effect of the living room as far as possible. With good daylighting, the living room will appear particularly bright, which is not only beautiful, but also of great help to Yangzhai Feng Shui. The ventilation effect is to play a role in ventilation and ensure the smoothness of residential Feng Shui

2. Master bedroom: the bedroom is where the family rest, so it mainly affects the health and fortune of the family. In addition to rest, the master bedroom is also the room for both husband and wife. Therefore, in addition to healthy transportation, it will also affect husband and wife emotion, fertility and other problems. Therefore, we should pay special attention to Feng Shui in the master bedroom. When decorating the master bedroom, we should pay attention to the color of the master bedroom and the orientation of the bed

in addition, pay special attention to the feng shui of the kitchen when decorating, especially when decorating the stove. Otherwise, it will have a great impact on the wealth and health of the family

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