How should the kitchen cupboard be set

The cabinet is a place for storing family tableware and food. The set cabinet has a great impact on the health of the family, so the orientation of the cabinet should best comply with certain Feng Shui principles

first of all, the kitchen is a place of fire, so it is best to choose cabinets made of five elements of gold, such as ceramic tiles or glass and aluminum alloy. Fire conquers gold, and gold can be used to suppress the fire in the kitchen. If you choose wooden materials for the cabinet, it is likely that the wood will make a fire and increase the fire in the kitchen, which is more disadvantageous

secondly, the cabinet should be against the wall. Food is the most important thing for the family. Food should be relied on naturally, which is more beneficial to the health of the family

thirdly, the installation of cabinets must deal with the relationship with stoves. If the cupboard is installed above the stove, it will make a ” Cabinet pressure cooker ” ; The taboo has a great impact on the health of the family. If the family cooks on the stove and the cabinet is directly above, a narrow atmosphere will be formed. For a long time, housewives are prone to headaches

in addition, the cabinet must be kept clean and tidy. It is best to have two parts: storage and display. The dishes that are not used at ordinary times should be stored well. The dishes in the display cabinet should be clean and dust-free, otherwise, the turbid gas will enter the body and have a great impact on people’s health

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