What exactly does the porch on Feng Shui mean

The porch on Feng Shui mainly refers to the buffer area from the gate to the interior. It is the transition space for entering and leaving the door to rectify the appearance, dress, strip and change shoes. In Feng Shui, the porch is an important turning zone for the introduction or introduction of air flow, which plays the role of regulating the air flow inside and outside the door. So that the prosperity conducive to house transportation and the bad luck unfavorable to house transportation can be circulated in a natural way, rather than going straight to and fro. Therefore, it is very important to decorate and decorate the porch according to certain Feng Shui principles

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the porch has a certain visual barrier to the outdoor line of sight, so as not to open the door to the hall, so that people can have a panoramic view of the living room as soon as they enter the door. It pays attention to the privacy and concealment of people’s indoor behavior, which ensures the security and sense of distance in the hall. When guests visit and their families go in and out, it can well solve the problems of interference and psychological safety, and make the process of people going out and entering the house more orderly

1. To keep the owner’s privacy. Avoid the guests from having a panoramic view of the whole room as soon as they enter the door, that is, use wood or glass as a partition at the entrance to delimit an area and block it visually

2. It is for decoration. The first thing you see when you enter the door is the porch, which is the initial feeling of guests entering the family from the complex outside world

3. It is convenient for guests to strip, change shoes and hang hats. It is best to set the shoe cabinet, coat rack and coat mirror in the porch. The shoe cabinet can be made into a concealed type. The shape of the coat rack and coat mirror should be beautiful and generous, which is coordinated with the style of the whole porch. The decoration of the porch should be coordinated with the whole set of residential decoration style and play a connecting role

the design of the porch depends on the room type. It can be circular arc type or right angle type. Some rooms can also be designed as porch corridors

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