How to put the rice bowl in the kitchen

Rice VAT is a place for storing grain. It is usually placed in the kitchen for cooking. Rice jars are generally made of wood or metal. They are regular round or square, and the four directions are the same. Therefore, there is no problem of orientation. Each side faces one direction, but the orientation of rice jars should best comply with certain Feng Shui principles

because the five element attribute of the rice jar is soil, it needs to be placed in the direction of prosperous soil. The direction of prosperous soil includes the direction of soil or raw soil. The direction of soil is northeast or southwest. Because of igneous soil, the direction of raw soil is south. Therefore, the rice jar should be placed in the three directions of northeast, southwest or south, rather than in the direction of soil, that is, the direction of wood, because wood conquers soil, That is, in the East and Southeast, otherwise it will affect the Feng Shui function of the rice jar

in addition, because the rice jar is a tool for storing grain and represents the Treasury in Feng Shui, the rice jar should always be full, so as to represent abundant food and clothing. If the rice jar is short of rice, it is a bleak scene, indicating that wealth cannot gather

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