Where is the best place to place the stove in the kitchen

As a place where cooking fires gather, the kitchen in the home has a great impact on the feng shui of the whole home. Because the kitchen fire is also regarded as a kind of wealth, if the kitchen fire is not prosperous due to poor Feng Shui in the kitchen, the change of personal wealth will decline significantly. In the introduction to Feng Shui, there is also an introduction to stove fire and wealth. Therefore, the stove in the kitchen must be placed in a suitable position to ensure the prosperity of stove fire

cannot be opposite to the door

this means that the stove cannot be opposite to the door of the kitchen. You know, in home feng shui, there is ” When you open the door to the stove, you will be fierce ” ; Because if you see the stove after opening the door, it means that the stove in the kitchen will be impacted by the gas flow from the door and cannot remain stable. Therefore, the stove can not be opposite to the door, let alone placed opposite the kitchen door

put it on the auspicious position

find the auspicious position in the kitchen, and placing the stove on the auspicious position will get a better effect of prosperity and wealth. Because the auspicious position itself can produce good fortune, if the stove is placed in this position, it will further strengthen good fortune and wealth, and play the effect of 1 + 1 “gt; 2. However, the auspicious position in the kitchen does not necessarily have good five elements. After all, the stove fire can not be placed in the position of five elements water, which should be paid attention to

stay away from the faucet

although the faucet and sink are also an indispensable part of the kitchen, they cannot be placed in the same direction as the stove because of the five behaviors of water. This situation will inevitably lead to the conflict between water and fire. Therefore, when placing the stove, keep away from the faucet. It is best to place the faucet and stove in an L-shaped way

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