Why should the balcony face east and south

The most important thing for a balcony with good feng shui is to have a good orientation. Feng Shui believes that the balcony facing the East and south is the most auspicious

the East is the place where the sun rises. Its Qi field has the most upward force and the strongest driving effect on house transportation. Moreover, the morning sun is always beautiful but not strong. The sun shines on the balcony and brightens the interior of the room, so that the whole house is shrouded in a spirit of auspiciousness. And the east wind is gentle, which is the best in the wind. Whether it is for the health of family members or the development of career, the impact is very good

the south is the sunny side of China geographically. The balcony, as its name implies, is a small platform with sunshine. Facing the South and having plenty of sunshine, it is naturally a good choice. Moreover, the south wind is the warmest and most pleasant, giving people the most comfortable feeling

both the East and the south are the most favorable choices from the perspective of ventilation and light. In the Feng Shui concept, the Oriental Qinglong position and the southern Mingtang position are auspicious positions in the direction. Absorbing the vitality flowing from these two directions can best increase the house transportation

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