What are the taboos of Feng Shui in home decoration

What are the taboos of Feng Shui in home decoration ? What do you need to pay attention to when decorating your home? How to resolve the taboo of Feng Shui in home decoration? The following Fstips found some information about Feng Shui taboos in home decoration and studied with you

What are the taboos of Feng Shui in home decoration

a complete collection of Feng Shui taboos in home decoration

the following are 19 taboos in home feng shui layout. See if your feng shui layout conflicts with it

1. All rooms must see the living room at the entrance. In modern architectural design, sometimes in order to consider the configuration of space, you often see the kitchen, dining room or bathroom first when you enter the door. This is the taboo of Yangzhai, which is also unreasonable. If you live in it, your family’s luck will decline

2. The door is opposite to the door and indulges in lust (the bedroom door cannot be directly opposite to the door, otherwise it is easy to induce residents to indulge in lust)

3. The bathroom is opposite to the bed and beware of bad diseases (in the master bedroom, except that the bed cannot be directly opposite to the bathroom, the side is also unlucky, which is easy to cause people to suffer from serious diseases)

4 The living room is in the middle of the house (for ordinary houses, if the living room or living room is located in the middle of the whole house, it is an auspicious image, which can make the family prosperous)

5. Irregular houses cannot be used as kitchens (if irregular houses are used as kitchens, they will affect the health of family members, and irregular houses can only be used as storage rooms)

6. Beams are pressed on the top, Affect mood and health (the beam should not be pressed on the head of the bed, desk and dining table. If it is unavoidable, the ceiling should also be designed to block it, otherwise it will affect the mood and health of the residents and hinder their career)

7 Column corner shooting is unfavorable to marriage (no matter in the personal room of men or women, column corner shooting should be avoided, otherwise it will affect mood and health, and it is also unfavorable to love and marriage, so it must be remedied as soon as possible)

8. The bedroom should not be decorated with a wide range of colors (the color of the bedroom should be elegant and warm, and should not be too bright, too luxurious, especially glittering ornaments)

9 The bathroom is set at the end of the corridor, which is very fierce (if there is a corridor in the house, the bathroom should only be set at the edge of the corridor, not at the end, otherwise it will be very fierce)

10. The warm light bulb is conducive to feelings (the light in the bedroom is very important to the feelings of couples, so we should try to use the light bulb of warm color light and less use the light bulb or fluorescent lamp of cold color light)

11 Irregular houses should not be used as bedrooms (irregular rooms can not be used as the master bedroom of couples, otherwise it will lead to infertility after long marriage)

12. It is difficult to sleep by pressing the mirror beside the bed (except that the bed can not be directly facing the big mirror, if there are large dressing mirrors on both sides of the bed, it will make people sleep uneasily, resulting in insomnia, dreams, etc.)

13 Evergreen potted plants benefit the family (due to the improvement of life quality, evergreen potted plants are good indoor ornaments in order to increase the indoor green sense, but be sure to choose plants that are evergreen, have strong vitality and are not easy to wither and fall leaves)

14 The bedside painting should not be large (the bedside painting can increase the elegance of the bedroom, but it is appropriate to be light and short, and it is best to avoid the large painting with thick and huge frame, otherwise once the hook falls off and the head is cut off, it will be either dead or injured, and you can’t be careless)

15. Only a clean bathroom can keep money (the bathroom is a place for sewage discharge, and in addition to the position in compliance with the Central Bureau, it is best to avoid dampness, uncleanness and peculiar smell. If you can keep it clean and dry, you can keep money)

16 The door leads straight to the end, with constant troubles (don’t connect several rooms in a row with a long corridor like a hotel, otherwise it is easy to have an affair and elopement, and it is difficult to be safe)

17. A bed with feet and avoid piling sundries under the bed (a bed with feet should be kept open and ventilated under the bed, and sundries should not be piled under the bed, especially for newlyweds)

18. The door in the house, The door opening direction should be consistent (the door opening direction should be consistent in the house, which can be determined from the door handle. It is most forbidden to open one to the left and one to the right)

19. Avoid opening large windows at the head of the bed (opening windows at the head of the bed is a Feng Shui taboo, and be sure to remember)

top ten Feng Shui taboos for home decoration

taboo 1

if the balcony is facing the door or kitchen, you can pull the curtains for a long time as a barrier. The entrance and exit gate should not be directly facing the balcony, which forms the so-called ” Through the heart, It’s not easy to gather money at home. There’s something to lose

solution: place a porch cabinet to block the gate and balcony, and place a fish tank at the entrance of the gate (those who hit water taboo cannot put a fish tank, which can be replaced by a screen). Balcony windows can be set to block the balcony or plant potted plants and climbing rattan plants. It is also a feasible method to pull the curtains for a long time

taboo 2

the balcony should not face the kitchen. This is also a ” Through the heart, It will weaken the reunion function at home, the husband is easy to have an affair, the wife will come out of the wall, and the children don’t like to go home

solution: make a flower rack and plant climbing vines or place potted plants to isolate the inside and outside. The curtain of the landing door of the balcony shall be pulled up as far as possible or on the moving line between the balcony and the kitchen. In principle, it shall not affect the actions of the residents, and it shall be covered by a cabinet or screen. In short, do not let the balcony go directly to the kitchen

taboo 3

if the sofa is placed under the beam, the decoration of the ceiling can block its impact; The couch and bed cannot be placed under the beam. People who use the couch and bed for a long time are prone to disease and pain

solution: avoid placing the couch and bed under the beam or wrap the beam with decoration so that it is not exposed

it’s not taboo to put money in the aquarium, as long as you don’t put it in the aquarium. Residents must be clear about the five elements of happiness and taboos. If there are special taboos, they should be avoided at home

solution: check the five elements of happiness and taboos of residents in the perpetual calendar. Those who have taboos at home should avoid placing items with this attribute

taboo 5

the vertical eaves of the canopy should be made into an arc and avoid arrow shape; The vertical eaves of the balcony canopy cannot be in the shape of an arrow, which is harmful to those who often go in and out of the balcony. Solution: do not make vertical eaves. If you must make vertical eaves, try to make an arc instead of a sharp shape

taboo 6

the stove shall not be placed facing the door of the back balcony or the kitchen door. This is harmful to the health of people who often eat at home

solution: a cloth curtain can be installed on the door as a barrier

taboo 7

do not install bright glasses at home. To avoid damaging the indoor magnetic field; Sometimes, in order to show the extension effect, the interior likes to be decorated with a bright mirror, but it is best not to install a large mirror in the bedroom, which will make the magnetic field disordered due to reflection

solution: if you must install a mirror, it is also appropriate to install it on one wall instead of both sides, resulting in reflection. Or use home decoration fabric to make curtains to cover them

taboos 8

plants at home should also be carefully selected. Don’t plant plants with slender leaves, so the owner is easy to provoke disputes. Ferns and kudzu vines should not be planted. Such plants are shady. If they grow luxuriantly, they are easy to provoke at home ” Unclean ” ; Something

solution: choose flowers with broad leaves or strong vitality

taboo 9

the location of the toilet is very important in home feng shui. If the plane of the house is divided into nine parts, the one in the middle is home ” Zhonggong ” , The location of the home toilet cannot be ” Zhonggong ” ; The so-called “up”; The toilet occupies the middle Palace ” , It’s bad for the family’s wealth and health

solution: if the building has placed the toilet in the middle palace, try to swap the washbasin with the toilet, or store water in the bathtub for a long time. Taboo 10

in addition to the interior of the building, the decoration of the architectural appearance is also important. Someone made some protrusions on the surface of the house, such as large objects such as heads. From the appearance, it seems that the house has tumors. This kind of exterior decoration with bad image should be avoided in Feng Shui at home

solution: the building appearance should be flat and square. If there are no special needs, do not arbitrarily change the appearance of the house

What are the Feng Shui taboos in home decoration

let’s explain them one by one from the door to the porch to the living room, to the bedroom, to the bathroom and kitchen

Feng Shui taboos about decoration at the door

to enter the house, go through the door first. Yes, the door is a necessary place for us to enter the room and lead to the outside world. What should we pay attention to at the door

1. Red couplets should be pasted on both sides of the door, implying red fire and the blessing of the door god

2. Do not stick black decorations on the door. Black covers people’s eyes, making you short-sighted and can’t see the long term. You often make mistakes

3. Open the door and don’t see the toilet, so as to avoid adultery between your family and the outside world

4. Don’t let anything block the door to avoid being overwhelmed and out of breath

those Feng Shui taboos about the decoration of the porch

the porch is the channel leading to the inner house after import, so what should we pay attention to in the porch

1. The entrance is too long, the road of life is frustrated, and the career is not smooth

2. Don’t make too complex ceiling in the porch, so as to avoid a great disaster

3. The porch can forget to wear the living room and see the outside at a glance, so as to prevent the family from being unhappy and unhealthy

those Feng Shui taboos about the decoration of the bedroom

the living room is the most important place in the room. It is not only a place for the family to laugh together, but also a necessary place to meet the guests. What should we pay attention to here

1. All doors should face the living room, which means family harmony, the same goal and the same home

2. The living room should not be at the edge of the whole room, but in the middle. Because the beam is not straight and the lower beam is bent, it will affect the character of future generations

3. The TV wall cannot be set in red to avoid bad things

4. Do not use colorful or fancy wallpaper on the wall to avoid family members entering the world of flowers and wine

those Feng Shui taboos about the decoration of the bathroom

the bathroom is an important place for us to solve the three emergencies. What should we pay attention to here

1. The door should not face the kitchen. If facing the kitchen, it means that the family is not healthy, and the disaster comes from the mouth

2. The top should not be too low. The toilet with low top presses on the top of the head and has poor intestines and stomach

3. Do not install a mirror on the opposite side of the toilet to avoid making a fool of yourself

Feng Shui taboos about kitchen decoration

the kitchen is an important place for cooking delicious food. Our healthy life depends on it. What should we pay attention to in the kitchen

1. Do not install a mirror opposite the kitchen door to avoid family waste, luxury, or

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