Why can’t the bathroom be next to the kitchen

The reason why the bathroom should not be close to the kitchen is that the kitchen is the energy area of fire, while the bathroom is the energy area of water. Water and fire are incompatible. If they are close to each other, they will cause the gas field to collide, produce the evil spirit of hurting people, and have a bad impact on people’s physical and mental health

secondly, the kitchen is the place where food is cooked, and cleanliness is very important, while the gas field in the bathroom is dirty. This kind of dirty gas is not conducive to human health. If it flows into the kitchen and adheres to the food, the dirty gas and turbid gas will enter people’s body, which will cause a variety of diseases and seriously affect people’s transportation

in addition, the bad smell in the bathroom will also affect the appetite during eating, and then affect the mood during eating, making the family have no intention to communicate, and virtually damaging the intimate feelings between Ding family members. Therefore, whether in terms of the scientific degree of functional area division of the family or in terms of home feng shui, the bathroom should avoid being close to the kitchen

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