Feng shui picture art or photos in bedroom

Many people would like to hang up some pictures or art in bedroom and place many photos in bedrooms. It is good idea to make bedroom nice. But there are some feng shui tips for picture, art or photos placement in bedroom.

  1. Do not hang up any violent, terrible, gory, disturbing picture. Those violent terrible pictures are full of negative feng shui energy. Meanwhile if you see those pictures before sleeping, it will bring nightmare easily and cause to sleepless.
  2. Peaceful and inspiring art are good for your bedroom. As you know, we need peaceful and quiet environment, so hang up some peaceful art is very good for getting harmony in your bedroom. Such as calming scenes from nature. Some inspiring art also are very good for your bedroom, when you wake up in the morning, you will see those inspiring art, it will inspire you to achieve your dream.

  3. Do not place too many religious figures in your bedroom and avoid them to face bed directly.
  4. Avoid photos of relatives or friends “watching you.” You can have a few key family photos in your bedroom, but avoid a clutter of photos of people everywhere, or you will feel like you’re being watched and will get overwhelmed. Meanwhile do not place the photos of dead person in your bedroom.
  5. Do not hang very large picture or photos above the head of bed. This situation will cause more pressure to you when you sleeping. Meanwhile there are some protential risks of picture frame falling.feng shui art tips for bedroom


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